Top Grass Court Tennis Players In The World Ranked

Top Grass Court Tennis Players In The World Ranked

Many people refer to grass court tennis as lawn tennis as it is played on open lawns. Here is the list of top tennis players of Grass court

Grass Court tennis lies among the 4 categories in which the sport of tennis is played. Many people refer to Grass Court tennis as lawn tennis as it is played on open lawns. The performance of a tennis player during the grass-court game completely depends on the quality of the court, it is said that more pleasing the stadium to the eyes more pleasing is the display of the game.

Here are the Top Tennis Players Of Grass Court

1. Pete Sampras

Age: 50 years

Country: United States

#champion tennis player is a pro at grass-court tennis. From 1993 tno 2000 he has been a recipient of more than 7 tennis titles. Pete was able to mark victory in around seven Wimbledon Tune-ups in the grass-court format.

2. Roger Federer

Age: 40 years

Country: Switzerland

On grass-court tennis, Roger Federer has always been acing the sport. He has 65 consecutive wins in this format. From 2003 to 2006 Roger Federer was ranked in the second position in the open Era category of tennis. He has also a tennis streak holder, Rafael broke Federer’s streak a few years back.


3. Bjorn Borg

Age: 65 years

Country: Sweden

After the era of Americans and Australians, Bjorn Borg was the ruler of the tennis world. His tennis career was going quite smoothly and well but suddenly in the year 1983, Bjorn Borg took retirement that made every tennis fan in shock.

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4. Rafael Nadal

Age: 35 years

Country: Spain

Rafael has been an all-time competitor of Roger Federer in grass-court format. Rafael has always given tough competition to Roger Federer. In the year 2010 Rafael won a Wimbledon title. He has been a record holder on the grass-court throughout his career.


5. Boris Becker

Age: 54 years

Country: Germany

Throughout his career Boris Becker has made a total of 7 appearances in Wimbledon, he won his last Wimbledon title in the year 1989. At the end of his career, Boris had 7 grass-court titles in his name.

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