Top Tennis Players Of Clay Court: Roland-Garros French Open

Top Tennis Players Of Clay Court: Roland-Garros French Open

People are unaware of the gems of tennis & if we’re talking about king of clay like Bjorn, Rafa. who are the top tennis players of clay court

Undoubtedly Rafael Nadal is the best clay-court tennis player of all times, he is a perfectionist in this format.

The listed Top Clay courts Players are sensations in the tennis world and do not leave any chance to entertain us. Apart from Rafael, Bjorg is the best one in this format of the sport tennis. Clay court and grass court are the two most accepted formats of tennis in the world.

Top tennis players of clay court are:

1. Rafael Nadal

Clay titles: 36

Rafael Nadal is said to be the king of clay tennis format. At the French Open, he has been successful in winning 31 matches consecutively. He is also the only tennis player to win French Open, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid in a single year.

2. Bjorn Borg

Clay titles: 30

Borg’s tennis career has been amazing since the beginning. He is the only player who has taken retirement at the young age of 26 years only because at this age he had achieved massively. He made 8 appearances in the French Open out of which he has won 6 titles.


3. Ivan Lendl

Clay titles: 28

Ivan was not born in the United States but for the sake of his career later on he got himself U.S citizenship. He has 3 Roland Garros titles in his name and apart from that has won 5 major tennis tables. 1985 was the only unfortunate year of Ivan’s career as he lost many important matches during that year.


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4. Mats Wilander

Clay titles: 20

Mat won the French Open titles in the years 1982, 1985, and 1988. Apart from these titles he has 5 more tennis titles in his name. 1983 was a year not in favor of Mats as he won to his junior players during this year.


5. Roger Federer

Clay titles: 10

In the entire tennis history, there has not been a player like Roger Federer. He is the greatest one because of his style of playing. In the year 2009, he has been a recipient of the French Open title. Also, Federer has won the Roland Grand 3 times but he appeared in the finals of the same 6 times.

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