Top sports to watch and bet on during the Paris 2024 Olympics

Top sports to watch and bet on during the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Olympics, which happens once every four years, is one of the greatest sporting events in which more than one hundred and ninety countries participate

The great sporting event unleashes the competitive spirits of the biggest athletes in the world.

Like all tournaments, each event at the Olympics has clear favorites, yet every year, there are upsets, and most gamblers lose money when the favorites lose. At an online casino, you can bet on multiple events like the Olympics or even the major sporting tournaments of the world. When you win cryptos at an online crypto casino, you can use your crypto on Sportsbet for this year’s football cup, like the Euro Cup or the Football World Cup.

Staking Your Money At The Paris Olympics 2024

If you wish to bet on an Olympic event, you must first know all the details of that sport and also the best contenders to win the medal. If you are planning on betting on archery events, here is a list of the most promising Indian archers. This blog post discusses the most reliable or less volatile events at the Olympic games where you can bet your money.

Field Hockey

Field hockey has eleven players on each side, and the performance of the teams can be predicted based on their performance over the last twelve months. Teams like India have had a very good track record, and they have dominated the game for almost six decades. In a span of six decades, they have won the gold medal eight times.


Moreover, they have also clinched the silver medal on quite a few occasions. So, it can be said that if a team performs well at field hockey, chances are high that they will win the gold medal. Moreover, in team sports like hockey, the fate of the team depends on all eleven players, so even if one player fails to perform, a good team will win despite that.


Although golf is an individual sport, ace golf players perform well, and betting money on them is not a bad option. The results of golf matches are decided after gameplay for three to four days so ace players can judge the conditions of meadows and play accordingly.


Individual Track Events and Swimming Events

Track and swimming events are quite unpredictable, and most medals are won or lost due to a few milliseconds difference. However, in such events, you can win if there are athletes like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt.

Michael Phelps has a record of winning the most gold medals in the Olympics. So, if there are athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt who are not injured or out of form, then placing money on them is a sure-shot way to win big. But if champions like Bolt and Phelps are not participating, then it is best to avoid betting on field events.


Final Words

Betting on Olympic events can give good results if you know which events to place a bet on. Also, the type of bet that you place matters a lot. At times, guessing the winner may be easy, but deciding the margin of victory may be quite tough. So, if you are a beginner and want to avoid taking major risks, it is best to place simple bets on outcomes that are easy to predict. It is also advisable to learn more about the players, the status of injuries, and their past record at the Olympic games before you place any bets on any game.

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