Top Scandals In Badminton: Badminton Scandals That Were Headlines

Top Scandals In Badminton: Badminton Scandals That Were Headlines

The badminton promoters have been always seen in need to gather the attention of masses towards the sport. Here’s top scandals in badminton

Each sport demands a certain kind of publicity for its growth, but no sport would ever want the publicity that badminton has acquired because of the top scandals in badminton in the last few years. Scandals in the sport of badminton like other sports too have been dominating the career of a number of players.

Top Scandals In Badminton

1. Match Fixing (2012)

The 2012 match-fixing incident is the darkest one in badminton history. It took place during the London Olympic Games, this scandal included the disqualification of a total of 8 women badminton players who belonged to different nations from the doubles category.

2. Malaysia’s Badminton Match Fixing

In Malaysia’s badminton match-fixing case, two popular players of Malaysia were found guilty. After the revelation of this match-fixing scandal, BWF banned both male players. The ban on these badminton players was for 15 and 20 years,


3. Women’s Uniform Oversight

This scandal occurred back in 2011, this BWF demanded all women players to play badminton matches in a proper dress code. This dress code included skirts and dresses, women players lashed BWF by stating that this rule is completely sexist and in no sport selling skin can be made mandatory.

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4. New Zealand Team Name

Each team tries their level best to gain the attention of viewers; similarly, the New Zealand badminton team renamed it “The Black Cocks” to gain attention. Hereby the word cock the team meant the word shuttlecock whereas some people misinterpreted this word and controversy took place. This incident is of the year 2005; later on, after getting much criticism the team took back that name.


5. Kenichi’s Gambling

In the world of international badminton, there was a time when Kenichi Tago was placed on the third number in the world rankings. This player was enjoying great success but unfortunately, his gambling snatched everything away from him. He practiced a lot of illegal things in Japan and was caught by the cops too many times.