Best Badminton Court And Stadiums In The World Ranked

Best Badminton Court And Stadiums In The World Ranked

In countries like India and China badminton is regarded as one of the most popular and played indoor sport and the best badminton court and stadiums are often in these countries

The badminton courts are divided into two categories, the first one is the wooden court category and the second one is the synthetic floor category. The only difference among these categories is their flooring type. In a wooden court, the floor is made with wood whereas in a synthetic one the flooring is made with synthetic mats that help the players with the maintenance of grip during badminton matches.

Synthetic flooring ones are the latest ones in the badminton world. Some badminton stadiums irrespective of their flooring are beautiful and classy,

Most Beautiful Badminton Court And Stadiums In The World 

1. V. Bisht Badminton Academy and Courts: India

Playing even a single match at the V. Bisht Badminton Academy and Courts can be a lifetime experience. The V. Bisht Badminton Academy and Courts have been recognized globally because of its beauty and quality flooring. A lot of Indian badminton players consider this badminton court as the most ideal one for a badminton match.


2. United Shuttlers Badminton Academy: India

The United Shuttlers Badminton Academy was built in 2011 with an aim to give the best badminton experience to all badminton lovers. This badminton arena was founded by an Indian named Ajay Kanwar who himself is a former badminton player. Ajay has won a number of national championships to date.

3. Stadium badminton Cherras Jalan: Malaysia

The Stadium Badminton Cheras Jalan is also known as the Kuala Lumpur Stadium, it was one of the most iconic badminton arenas of all times but unfortunately got demolished recently. It was constructed in 1990 and served as a venue for a number of badminton matches.


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4. Singapore Badminton Hall: Singapore

The first Singapore Badminton Hall was said to be permanently closed in the year 2008 but fortunately the year 2011 bought a brand new Singapore Badminton Hall with it, this new one is believed to be better.

5. Siri Fort Sports Complex: India

Siri Fort Sports Complex is a result of the efforts made by the Delhi development authority, it was constructed in 1989. The location of this sports complex is near the Asian Games Village, Delhi.


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