The Women’s FA Cup All Time Winners List And Prize Money Distribution

The Women’s FA Cup All Time Winners List And Prize Money Distribution

Know the Women’s FA Cup all time previous winners list and prize money pool breakdown

Under the auspices of the now-defunct Women’s FA, the inaugural Women’s FA Cup tournament, branded as the ‘Women’s Football Association Mitre Challenge Trophy,’ took place in the 1970-71 season.

The Women’s FA Challenge Cup is the premier yearly cup competition for women’s clubs in England. It has been known as the WFA Cup, FA Women’s Cup, and presently Women’s FA Cup (Vitality Women’s FA Cup) from its inception in 1970.

The Women’s FA Cup All Time Winners List And Prize Money Pool Distribution

The 71 competitors were divided into eight geographical groups, including teams from Scotland and Wales among them. In a Final held at the Crystal Palace National Recreation Centre in London, Southampton defeated Stewarton 4-1.

The tournament originated in 1970–71 as the Mitre Challenge Trophy, organized by the Women’s Football Association, as a male counterpart to the FA Cup (WFA).

Teams from Scotland and Wales were among the 71 competitors.

The competition was run by the WFA for the first 23 years, during which Southampton Women’s won the cup eight times. In mid-1993, the Football Association (FA) took over the administration of English women’s football.


Arsenal holds the record for most championships won with fourteen. Chelsea is the current FA Cup holder, having beaten Manchester City 3–2 in the final at Wembley Stadium on May 15, 2022, to win back-to-back FA Cup finals in front of 49,094 spectators, a tournament record.

List Of Winners:

2019 Man City 3-0 West Ham
2018 Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal
2017 Man City 4-1 Birmingham City
2016 Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
2015 Chelsea 1-0 Notts County
2014 Arsenal 2-0 Everton
2013 Arsenal 3-0 Bristol Academy
2012 Birmingham City 2-2 Chelsea aet (Birmingham win 3-2 on penalties)
2011 Arsenal 2-0 Bristol Academy
2010 Everton 3-2 Arsenal aet
2009 Arsenal 2-1 Sunderland
2008 Arsenal 4-1 Leeds United
2007 Arsenal 4-1 Charlton Athletic
2006 Arsenal 5-0 Leeds United
2005 Charlton Athletic 1-0 Everton
2004 Arsenal 3-0 Charlton Athletic
2003 Fulham 3-0 Charlton Athletic
2002 Fulham 2-1 Doncaster Belles
2001 Arsenal 1-0 Fulham
2000 Croydon 2-1 Doncaster Belles
1999 Arsenal 2-0 Southampton Saints
1998 Arsenal 3-2 Croydon
1997 Millwall Lionesses 1-0 Wembley
1996 Croydon 1-1 Liverpool aet (Croydon won 3-2 on penalties)
1995 Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool
1994 Doncaster Belles 1-0 Knowsley United
1993 Arsenal 3-0 Doncaster Belles
1992 Doncaster Belles 4-0 Red Star Southampton
1991 Millwall Lionesses 1-0 Doncaster Belles
1990 Doncaster Belles 1-0 Friends of Fulham
1989 Leasowe Pacific 3-2 Friends of Fulham
1988 Doncaster Belles 3-1 Leasowe Pacific
1987 Doncaster Belles 2-0 St Helens
1986 Norwich 4-3 Doncaster Belles
1985 Friends of Fulham 2-0 Doncaster Belles
1984 Howbury Grange 4-2 Doncaster Belles
1983 Doncaster Belles 3-2 St Helens
1982 Lowestoft 2-0 Cleveland Spartans
1981 Southampton 4-2 St Helens
1980 St Helens 1-0 Preston North End
1979 Southampton 1-0 Lowestoft
1978 Southampton 8-2 QPR
1977 QPR 1-0 Southampton
1976 Southampton 2-1 QPR aet
1975 Southampton 4-2 Warminster
1974 Fodens 2-1 Southampton
1973 Southampton 2-0 Westhorn United
1972 Southampton 3-2 Lee’s Ladies
1971 Southampton 4-1 Stewarton & Thistle


The current prize money for winning the Women’s FA Cup is £25,000, with £15,000 going to the runner-up while in the men’s competition, where the overall fund is £16m, the figures are £1.8m and £900,000 respectively.

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