The Killing Vote season 1 ending explained and is it happy or sad

The Killing Vote season 1 ending explained and is it happy or sad

One of the most intriguing series The Killing Vote has finally ended and fans are curious about the ending explained of the series

There are only 12 episodes, but the distribution delays have frustrated viewers all across the world. However, Seok-joo’s quest for vengeance has come to an end, and the finale is, unfortunately, a little ambiguous.

The Killing Vote Kdrama season 1 ending explained and is it happy or sad

Park Shin-woo directs the drama-thriller series The Killing Vote, written by Jo Yoon-young and based on the webtoon by Uhm Se-yoon and Jung Yi-pum of the same name, which stars Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, and Lim Ji-yeon in the key characters.


It follows one man’s quest for vengeance after his daughter’s murder. Fear and fervor brought on by a horrifying vigilante justice system grip South Korea, and the authorities are racing against the clock to put an end to the killings. Kim Mu-chan and Joo Hyun need to determine who is behind the posts, but how can they locate someone who uses a pseudonym while online? Revenge, the nature of good and evil, and the police’s pursuit of Gaetal are central themes of the series.

The Killing Vote Ending?

Seok-joo, along with his jail guard Chul-min, Ji-hoon, and the prison doctor Yang Hye-jin, are all Gaetals; this was clear even before episode 12 of The Killing Vote.


Seok-joo, Ji-hoon, and the others devised the Killing Vote as a means of avenging Na-rae’s death at Min-soo’s hands. Because of Mu-chan’s carelessness, Min-soo was able to escape punishment with the support of his mother, Ji-young. When he found out the judicial system wouldn’t assist, he resolved to do something about it himself, to illustrate how speedy justice can benefit not only the victims and their families but also be a healing process for the nation.

What Exactly Happened to Seok-joo

Seok-joo, after a final struggle with Chul-min, who demands his sacrifice to purify the world, falls into the ocean, taking with him the sole remaining copy of the Killing Vote program. Although Mu-chan tries to bring him out of the water, he is unable to find his body and neither can the authorities in future searches.

A “watchdog” emails Hyun in the final scene, suggesting that Seok-joo may have been sighted in Japan while a ship was bringing a guy in his forties back from the water. Hyun, who obviously always knew that the professor didn’t die that night, has allegedly been doing lecture tours and the like in order to travel to other regions and find out what happened to him.