The Callisto Protocol Game Release Date, Cast List, PC System Requirements, Platforms, Pre-Order

The Callisto Protocol Game Release Date, Cast List, PC System Requirements, Platforms, Pre-Order

The Callisto Protocol, which occurs in a penal colony in the year 2320, aims to be a dreadful and evil addition to the PUBG universe, know the release date and cast

Its gameplay is very different from the popular battle royale game while sharing the same universe. The Callisto Protocol’s development team is Striking Distance, a division of PUBG’s parent company Krafton.

The Callisto Protocol Game Release Date, Cast List, PC System Requirements, Platforms And Pre-Order

The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay and the story will offer a distinctive science fiction/horror experience. Callisto Protocol has created a lot of buzz and enthusiasm among fans of the horror game genre ever since the release of its trailer. Currently, December 2, 2022, is set aside for the publication of the Callisto Protocol.

Platforms, editions, & PC system requirements for The Callisto Protocol

Glen Schofield, the co-creator of a Dead Space series, is making a comeback to the survival horror subgenre with The Callisto Protocol. His new company, Striking Distance Studios, will soon release a sci-fi horror game that openly displays its resemblance to Dead Space. It seeks to be even more atmospheric and frightful, though.

The second-largest moon of Jupiter, Callisto, serves as the location for the survival horror game. The main character, Jacob Lee, is imprisoned just at Black Iron prison on Callisto in the year 2320 as mutant monsters start to take over and kill other inmates.

The Callisto Protocol is a game that perfectly combines action with survival horror. Due to several close-quarters melee gameplay and ranged weapons, players will be able to explore and select the best weapon for the job depending on the circumstance.


To survive, players won’t be able to shoot randomly because, like in most survival horror games, ammunition is fairly limited. Strong weapons allow for the predicted possibility of limb destruction, which slows down advancing enemies.

Players who pre-order the game will receive extra benefits, as is customary. The game’s Day One Edition comes with two weapon designs, a special costume for Jacob Lee, and the Contraband Pack, a PlayStation-only DLC pack.

So far, actor Josh Duhamel has been prominently featured as the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, and The Boys’ Karen Fukuhara has been featured in one lonely promotional shot with a string of other notable names set to be inducted in the game’s cast.

The Callisto Protocol is a third-person survivor horror game that is sure to provide lovers of the genre with an authentic experience with lots of jumps scares and horrific circumstances. It features many terrifying monsters, a gloomy environment, and an intense sound design.


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