“Stupid nig**r,” Ex-NFL Player Ryan Clark Racially Abused On Instagram

“Stupid nig**r,” Ex-NFL Player Ryan Clark Racially Abused On Instagram

Ex-NFL Player and current ESPN analyst, Ryan Clark was subjected to vile racial abuse on Instagram

Why people hop onto social media platforms and decide that the best use of the internet is to embark on tirades is something only their perplexing minds can decipher. Over the years, despite the multitude campaigns to try and educate people about the perils of racism, racists have turned a blind eye with them continuing on their antics unperturbed.

Ryan Clark Reveals He Was Racially Abused On Instagram

One such Instagram user decided he wanted to log into the platform to hit out at ex-NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark. 42 year old Clark who played for the Giants, Washington Football Team and Steelers in a career which began in 2002 shared the message he had received on Instagram, one where he had been subjected to homophobic and racial slurs as someone called him a stupid ni**er amongst other things.


Clark’s response meanwhile made for extremely refreshing viewing with him offering a way too polite revert at a time when it would have been way too easy for him to lose his bonkers.

“God bless you and yours. I hope you live forever,” Clark wrote in reply to the fan who also mocked his Super Bowl defeat to the Green Bay Packers.


This isn’t the first time though that Clark had addressed racism directed towards players from the sporting fraternity. He had ended up in tears back in 2020 while speaking about an incident which his son and two other Arizona State football player where called n**gers by a customer at Whataburger. The restaurant manager had threatened to call the police on the player instead of coming to their rescue.


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