Snapchat Plus Planets Order And Meaning Explained And How To Use

Snapchat Plus Planets Order And Meaning Explained And How To Use

Snapchat is an amazing app to share memories, pictures, streaks with friend’s and families, know the planets filter order and meaning explained in the premium plus edition

Snapchat offers some cool filters and features for its user’s and it updates them from time to time. Although these features were free to use to everyone but now the brand has launched a new paid subscription with Snapchat Planets as a feature on it. 

Snapchat Plus Planets Filter Order And Full Meaning Explained

They have named it as ‘Snapchat Plus’. This subscription comes up with a number of fun features, the trendy one is Snapchat Planets. The Snapchat Planets are the latest feature that helps in determining the friendship between the fellow users. 

The service was introduced earlier this week. This service gives their users an access to ‘a variety of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features’. 

What does the Snapchat Planets Mean?


The Planets on Snapchat Plus highlight the friendship between a user and its fellow user in the order of a Solar System. The users can access the feature by selecting the gold-bordered option, which has ‘Best Friends and Friends’ in the form of badges. 

After selecting this option, users can see these badges on their profile. If any user finds the ‘Best Friend’ badge which means that he/she is the closest person with the fellow user and if they find ‘Friends’ badge which means they are on the list of being close friends but not vice-versa. 

As for the planets, either the user or his/her fellow user can be the sun and other planets will determine how close they are with each other. For example, if you’re the sun and your fellow user is Mars then you’re their fourth Closest Friend. 

The order of these Snapchat Planets filter are the same as the actual solar system and are like : 












Each Friendmoji represents a different planet. 

How to get the Snapchat Plus Filter?

To get the Snapchat Plus filter users have to get the premium subscription of Plus and it is available at the price of $3.99 per month. Users can also get a 7 day free trial for all those features and fun that the plus membership offers and can continue if they like and can also discontinue the service according to their choice.

To get the free trial, users have to go on their profile and tap on the Snapchat Plus banner card at the top and then have to choose a subscription to start a 7 days free trial.

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