Skip Bayless Tells Russell Westbrook He’ll Call Him Westbrick On His Face And Challenges Him To Come On His Podcat

Skip Bayless Tells Russell Westbrook He’ll Call Him Westbrick On His Face And Challenges Him To Come On His Podcat

Have a look at how Skip Bayless challenges Russell Westbrook to talk face to face on his podcast along with asserting that he would call him Westbrick again

The war continues between Russell Westbrook and Skip Bayless and this time, the TV personality is happy that Westbrook finally responded to him “face to face”. The Laker yesterday replied back to Bayless calling him ” Westbrick” again to which, Bayless responded with a challenge.

Skip Bayless Challenges Russell Westbrook For A Face-To-Face Talk On Podcast And Asserts He’ll Call Him Westbrick Again

Following Westbrook’s reply yesterday, Bayless has again mentioned the Laker and challenged him for a face-to-face talk.

On Sunday, Skip Bayless challenged Russell Westbrook to appear on his show or podcast and speak with him directly about the moniker he coined in 2012.

The 70-year-old Bayless responded to Westbrook’s warning to “watch your mouth” on Twitter on Saturday after the commentator once more mentioned him in a tweet with the derisive nickname.


It’s not the first time that Westbrook has objected to the nickname. When the Lakers were in the depths of despair in March, Westbrook cited the way fans had treated his family, including the use of the nickname, as the reason they didn’t want to attend home games.

Westbrook, who was supposed to have a happy homecoming after being traded from the Wizards, had a terrible first season in LA. As a result of Westbrook’s difficulties blending in with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers failed to make the playoffs.


This is what Westbrook replied to the tweet by Bayless calling him “Westbrick”. Bayless has been called out many times by Nina Westbrook, for respecting his surname but he continues to call him by the same nickname.

The family also mentioned that they have been suffering because of the nickname. When his son’s school kids began calling him “Westbrick,” a nickname Bayless popularised on his debate show, Westbrook was angered.

Clearly referring to Bayless, the 33-year-old Lakers guard said in a post-game press conference that he did not like it when people called him by a different name, especially when they did it behind his back.

Bayless has continued to refer to Westbrook as “Westbrick” despite the former MVP’s claims that his wife’s mental health was also being negatively impacted by his mocking.