Senior National Carrom: Bhonde, Mehdihussain score contrasting wins

Senior National Carrom: Bhonde, Mehdihussain score contrasting wins

Mumbai, March 31 (IANS) Maharashtra’s Kishore Bhonde dished out a strong fighting performance to defeat Gujarat’s Mohammed Parvez in three closely-contested sets in a men’s singles second round league match of the 49th Senior National Carrom Championship 2021-2022, here on Thursday.

Bhonde defeated Parvez 19-18, 25-8, and 16-12 in the National Championship being organised by the All India Carrom Federation (AICF) and hosted by the Maharashtra Carrom Association (MCA).

Meanwhile, Sayyad Mehdihussain, also of Maharashtra, enjoyed smooth sailing as he tamed Andhra Pradesh’s YSD Ramesh coasted to a 25-16, 21-3 win.

However, title contender Mansi Shinde of Maharashtra suffered a straight sets defeat to Madhya Pradesh’s Tanishka Vishwakarma losing 13-17, 13-25.


In closely fought men’s matches, Abhay Karande of Goa got the better of Zaheer Ahmed (LIC) 25-20, 17-23, and 25-9, while V Akash (RBI) rallied to put it across Mohd. Mushtaq (MP) 11-18, 22-10, and 21-6.

In other action in the women’s section, Jammu & Kashmir players Riddha Maddni and Asra Shafi recorded contrasting victories in their respective group matches. Maddni fought hard to overcome Sneha Thomas of Kerala in two well-contested sets at 17-12, 19-14, while Shafi easily defeated Punjab’s Kusum Jha also in straight sets winning at 25-5, 25-1.



Men’s singles: Pritam Tambe (MPSCB) beat Paras Arora (Chd) 8-25, 25-7, 15-12; Shanvar PK (Ker) beat Mohd. Zahid (Del) 24-19, 32-20, 27-7; V Akash (RBI) beat Mohd Mushtaq (MP) 11-18, 22-10, 21-6; Abhay Karande (Goa) beat Zaheer Ahmed (LIC) 25-20, 17-23, 25-9; Mohd Sameer (Pun) beat Subha Sarkar (Ben) 19-25, 25-1, 25-24; R.D. Dinesh Babu (CAG) beat Akhlash Ahmed (Asm) 25-0, 4-22, 22-13; Sayyad Mehdihussain (Mah) beat YSD Ramesh (AP) 25-16, 21-3; Sanjay Mande (Mah) beat Waseemuddin (MP) 22-6, 25-17; U Naresh (Tel) beat S Ganesan (TN) 17-13, 21-19; B Rajesh (Kar) beat DP Swain (Odi) 25-13, 24-12; Nitesh Bansod (Vid) beat Mohd Talib (Chd) 24-19, 25-21; Kishore Bhonde (Mah) beat Mohammed Parvez (Guj) 19-18, 25-8, 16-12.

Women’s singles: Tanishka Vishwakarma (MP) beat Mansi Shinde (Mah) 17-13, 25-13; Rani Singh (DAESCC) beat Arati Mondal (Ben) 25-0, 16-20, 25-5; Riddha Maddni (JK) beat Sneha Thomas (Ker) 17-12, 19-14; Urmila Shendge (RBI) beat Sahjeena Khatoon (Bih) 25-7, 19-16; Shubhada Nagaonkar (RBI) beat Ayush Thakur (MP) 15-19, 23-18, 23-9; Asra Shafi (JK) beat Kusum Jha (Pun) 25-5, 25-1; DR Adhya (Odi) beat Shital Hakke (NABARD) 10-13, 25-5, 25-11; Nancy Sequeira (NABARD) beat V Radhika (CAG) 11-25, 18-11, 20-16.