Richest Badminton Player In The World: Current List

Richest Badminton Player In The World: Current List

Richest badminton player: The number 1 highest paid badminton player in the world is the Malaysian badminton icon Lee Chong; his earnings are more than $ 75 million.

Lets look into top richest badminton players around the world

Today badminton is regarded among the most notable sports. The sport of badminton is either practiced on a court or on an open lawn; types of equipment used are racquets along with a shuttlecock. This iconic sport to date has glorified the lives of hundreds of badminton players in both financial as well as social manners.

These players apart from the sport achieve maximum revenue by endorsing the so-called high-end sports brands these days. The richest badminton players of all times are listed below.

Richest Badminton Player In The World

  1. Lee Chong Wei

Net Worth: $ 75 Million

He is a legendary badminton icon, to date, only six Malaysian have made it possible to win a medal at the Olympic Games and Lee Chong Wei is one among them. In the world ranking of badminton players, this Malaysian star holds the second position. The fan following achieved by Lee in the past years is tremendous and is still growing rapidly.

  1. Lin Dan

Net Worth: $ 33 Million


Lin is Chinese by origin, he is considered to be the badminton player with the most advanced and rapid techniques. Lin Dan has won medals in Olympic Games for 2 times and has been badminton World Champion five times. He has assets worth $ 33 million which make him the second richest badminton player of the world.

  1. Cheng Long

Net Worth: $ 22 Million

This Chinese is a reigning champion in the Olympic Games. Also, he has been a champion at the All England Championship. Cheng Long has been a recipient of more than 26 badminton titles and has won the Super Series Premier too. He plays as a defender on the court with great attacking skills.

  1. PV Sindhu

Net Worth: $ 8.5 Million

Sindhu entered the world of badminton in 2009 and attained utmost popularity in the year 2017 by becoming the Olympic queen of the nation. PV Sindhu has won BWF World Championship twice and a silver medal at the Rio Olympics.

  1. Saina Nehwal

Net Worth: $ 4 Million


Saina has been the World no 1 a few years back because she has been a world champion numerous times. When it comes to badminton, probably Saina Nehwal is the first name that hit people. She has good netplay as a badminton player.

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