“RAJPUT BOY FORVER,” Ravindra Jadeja Comes Out In Support Of Suresh Raina And His Brahmin Comment

“RAJPUT BOY FORVER,” Ravindra Jadeja Comes Out In Support Of Suresh Raina And His Brahmin Comment

Ravindra Jadeja took to Twitter to post he was a Rajput boy forever ensuing the horrid tirade directed Suresh Raina’s way

Once you are blinded by petty hate, there’s little which can make you happy. The same was showcased by Mission Ambedkar, a Twitter account and a raft of senseless left leaning community yesterday.

Going bonkers after Suresh Raina had said he was a brahmin during commentary during a Tamil Nadu Premier League 2021 fixture. Raina had gone onto talk about how his Brahim identity and caste saw him resonate with his IPL team, Chennai Super Kings and how he was besotted by the culture of Chennai.

Raina had said, “I think, I am also Brahmin. I have been playing since 2004 in Chennai. I love the culture there, and I’m lucky to be part of CSK. Hopefully, we will play more matches there.”


However, ever since his remarks during the TNPL tie came to the fore, Mission Ambedkar had claimed Raina was glorying his caste. It was a bemusing comment, one which encountered massive backlash as a bevy of Twitter users came up in support of Raina.

Ravindra Jadeja Backs Suresh Raina With Rajput Boy Tweet

Ravindra Jadeja has lent his voice to his Chennai Super Kings compatriot as well. While he didn’t directly lash out at the horrid diatribe against Raina, Jadeja’s, “RAJPUT BOY FOREVER” post on Thursday night alludes towards how irked he is with the jibes Raina has had to face.


Last year, Jadeja too had to face a similar situation after he had posted a tweet of him being a Rajput and how he was proud to be one. However, not one to be shut down as was well evident in his scuffle with Sanjay Manjrekar, Jadeja had back then also gone onto hit back in the most apt way plausible with his sword wielding video.

Why a section of India’s society harbours such hate against its own is perplexing. Raina and Jadeja talking about their caste is a sense of their pride for their community and India, something which a bemusing section of the country finds way too hard to digest.


Jadeja meanwhile is in England currently where he ended up scoring half-centuries in both the innings of the warm up contest against County Select XI.

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