Queen Of Tears episode 13 and 14 release date, time and where to watch ep online

Queen Of Tears episode 13 and 14 release date, time and where to watch ep online

The fans are excited for Queen Of Tears ep 13 and 14 whose release date is finally out now

The romantic Kdrama is now beloved by everyone and is quite popular on Netflix nowadays. The secret stash left behind by the chairman has been discovered by the Hong Family. What will happen with all the wealth now in the upcoming episode.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama episode 13 and 14 release date, time and where to watch ep online

Get ready for Queen Of Tears episodes 13 and 14 which are all set to release on April 20 and 21, 2024, at 12 am KST. Each episode runs around 60-80 minutes long.

What Exactly Happened so far? 

Hae-in and Hyun-woo were both looking for the CCTV footage of the warehouse where the slush fund was there. By spotting the truck, they were able to deduce that the funds were transported to the Hong Residence that day.

During the rain, we saw the car chase, Eun-seong approaching Hae-in and mistaking him for someone else. They were able to get more clues about the slush fund. However, it wasn’t that lucky for Hyun-woo as he was hit on the head by a stranger.


Next in the Hong household, we saw both Hae-in and Eun-seong arriving. Eun-Seong went to prepare food for the dinner date while Hae-in went to talk with her grandfather. Also the identity of the uninvited guest for revealed. He was none other than finance director of the Queen who later was revealed as Gun Woo’s biological father.


Da-Hye is now facing the danger of being arrested. It was revealed that he committed many illegal acts and the blame was next shifted towards Soo-cheol. Da-Hye was insanely worried about Soo.

What to Expect

As the preview has been released, according to it Hae-in is going to be successful in retrieving her grandfather’s recording of the pen. To free his family from Seul-hee’s nasty plan, the grandfather committed suicide. She was crying when she learned about this and heard his grandfather’s voice for the last time.


Where You Can Watch Queen Of Tears Episodes 13 and 14

Only on tvN and Netflix, fans can watch the Kdrama Queen Of Tears Episodes 13 and 14.