Pyramid Game Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast, total episodes and where to watch ep online

Pyramid Game Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast, total episodes and where to watch ep online

The Kdrama fans are excited for Pyramid Game Kdrama episode 1 whose release date is finally out now

Bona, an up-and-coming star on WJSN, stands out among the underappreciated performers. Thanks to her outstanding turn in the drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One. She proves her mettle throughout the show even though she plays the supporting role, captivating viewers with her performance. Presently, she is assuming the role of protagonist in the forthcoming Korean drama Pyramid Game.

Pyramid Game Kdrama episode 1 release date, time, cast, plot story, total episodes and where to watch ep online

Get ready for Pyramid Game episode 1 which is all set to release on February 29, 2024, at 8:30 am KST. The series is expected to have a 10-episode run.

The depiction of school bullies is a common motif in Korean dramas. Which often examines complicated issues within the backdrop of schools. These shows explore the complexities of bullying from multiple perspectives, including the victim’s and bully’s mental health, peer connections, and power dynamics.


Cast · Hwang Hyun-Jung – Kim Da-Yeon · Lee Ju-Yeon – Sim Eun-Jeong · Oh Se-Eun – Song Jae-Hyeong · Kim Se-Hee – Pyo Ji-Ae · Son Ji-Yeoung – Ra Hae-Joon · Kwon Yi-Soo


Plot and Preview of Episode 1

Pyramid Game is a riveting drama based on Dalgonyak’s webtoon of the same name. It follows the pupils of Sarang High School as they compete in a monthly popularity contest that determines their social standing. On Thursday afternoons, the school is alive with excitement as students cast their ballots to decide who will rule for the next few weeks. In the middle of all this cutthroat rivalry, there is Su-ji, a transfer student who is hell-bent on making it to the top.

With every passing Thursday afternoon, Su-ji becomes more and more caught up in a complex web of relationships, betrayals, and moral issues. Viewers will see her journey through the challenges of conformity and the need for approval. As well as the successes and failures of other pupils. Everything riding on the outcome of Sarang High School’s social hierarchy. Pyramid Game guarantees an enthralling storyline brimming with surprises. Keep watching as the plot thickens. Prompting the viewers to question the real price of fame and the significance of being genuine while in high school.


Where You Can Watch Pyramid Game episode 1

For now, in Korea, the fans will be able to watch Pyramid Game episode 1 on TVING streaming platform officially.


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