PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update release date and time and new features leaks list

PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update release date and time and new features leaks list

Check out the PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update leaks, themed mode, featuresm release date and more as Level Infinite, the publisher of the popular battle teases the upcoming features

For the unversed, earlier Level Infinite caused excitement among PUBG fans after they released a teaser for the upcoming 3.3 Update on their social media platform.

If you’re eager to know more about the PUBG 3.3 Update, fret now, here we have provided you with all the detailed information.

PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update release date and time and new features leaks 

While the release date hasn’t been officially revealed yet, the beta version of the update is now available for download.

As per the official teaser, PUBG fans should get ready as we are going to get an additional Classic Mode. Yes, you read right!

The upcoming update will allow the users to get an additional Classic Mode i.e., a new underwater-themed mode. This mode is indicated by an image suggesting a new POI (Point of Interest).

Now, players can swim underwater and can have underwater duels as well for more valuable loot. In addition, PUBG 3.3 Update also promises us enhancement in Payload Mode.

However, as of now the specific changes in Payload Mode remains undisclosed.


PUBG Mobile 3.3 Update Features

As aforesaid, PUBG fans can now plunge into the depths of the ocean as players can now dive underwater and have more adventure.

Here are all the other expected features of the 3.3 Update;

Ocean Palace

This will be a brand new POI brimming with more action, adventure and loot. Fans can now explore more hidden corners to fight for dominance in their choice of unique location underwater.


Flying StingRay

As the name suggests, in PUBG 3.3 Update, players will get to witness randomly spawned flying creatures to gain more loot and soar above the battlefield.

New Weapon

Players can now unleash more powerful Trident weapons at a specific POI. PUBG fans can use this weapon for creating tornadoes, to lift and throw any enemy or simply wield the new weapon for direct elimination.


Moreover, the teaser video also suggests that players will get Metro Royale, Wow Mode and more fresh content.

However, let us remind you once again, that these leaks are based on the teaser video. Some features may be modified or removed during the official release.

PUBG 3.3 Update Release Date

For the curious, as of now, the Level Infinite has not confirmed or announced a specific release for the upcoming update.

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