Who is YouTuber Ani Tilki aka Kingani as the ex-girlfriend of ImAllexx accuses him of toxic behavior

Who is YouTuber Ani Tilki aka Kingani as the ex-girlfriend of ImAllexx accuses him of toxic behavior

Amidst the ImAllexx and Alice row, another YouTuber named Kingani has made serious allegations against the content creator to fuel the ongoing controversy

For the unfamiliar, YouTuber “Kingani,” the ex-girlfriend of Alex has made serious allegations of “toxic” behavior against her ex-boyfriend. Here’s what we know so far about the two.

Who is YouTuber Ani Tilki aka Kingani as the ex-girlfriend of ImAllexx accuses him of toxic behavior, bio, age and real name

For the unversed, Kingani whose real name is Anı Tilki was born on January 6, 1996. The 28-year-old, who is widely known as Kingani, is a Turkish-American YouTuber.

Though Ani was born in Turkey, she spent the majority of her life in the United States, leading him to have both American and Turkish citizenship.

Before forming a YouTube channel, Ani worked as a manager for a company, though company’s name isn’t known.

Ani joined YouTube in 2016 and has garnered over 683,000 subscribers. She often posts videos of reactions to amusing internet content with her friends.

Allegation Against Alex

According to a document Ani shared on her X account, she and Alex began dating in June 2017 and broke up in March 2018. Earlier, Ani posted about her alleged experiences with Alex in light of Alice’s accusations against him.

Let us remind you, that Alice Hez accused ImAllexx of physical assault on June 15, 2024, providing evidence through a Google Drive folder containing 6 videos, an audio recording, and an 82-page document.


She claimed he put her “in a headlock” and covered her mouth, and one video included him threatening to assault her.

What Did Kingani Reveal?

Kingani has now released a document detailing her approximately 9-month relationship with ImAllexx, describing it as “the most toxic” and “worst” relationship she had ever experienced.

She stated that Alex made her feel “insane” and “inferior,” often talking over her during video recordings and making their problems about himself.


Ani stated, “During the relationship, he made me feel insane like I wasn’t myself anymore. It never felt like he listened to me. I always felt belittled and inferior.

“Whenever we recorded videos together, he would constantly talk over me and never let me have my moment. Most of the time when I had problems, he always somehow made it about himself, or talked about his issues.”

She also alleged that Alex would threaten to kill himself during disagreements to shut down conversations, which severely hindered their communication.


“If we ever disagreed, he would also sometimes elude to the possibility of k*lling himself over minor conflicts as a threat, so I couldn’t continue with the conversation,” Ani alleged.

Ani further claimed that Alex involved himself in unrelated drama, referencing the false allegations made against YouTuber Slazo by his ex-girlfriend Chey in 2019. Both Alex and Ani supported these allegations, which were later proven untrue.

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