PUBG Mobile 2.5 update patch notes leaks and what is the new Creative Mode

PUBG Mobile 2.5 update patch notes leaks and what is the new Creative Mode

One of the most played Battle Royale games in the world, PUBG Mobile, has already released the beta for its upcoming 2.5 Update, know its leaks and patch notes

A new creative mode map is undoubtedly one of the update’s most noteworthy features. Gamers will soon have the opportunity to design their own maps where they can play and host matches. Players eagerly anticipate the release of the new Creative Mode, which will include some intriguing new features.

The fifth anniversary of PUBG Mobile will be observed in the coming weeks. Players are eager to obtain new goods because the next update will be out in a few weeks. The New Creative Mode is almost certainly coming to the game, and the 2.5 Update Beta is now available. In this scenario, players will be allowed to create their own custom map, giving them unlimited freedom.

PUBG Mobile 2.5 update patch notes leaks and what is the Creative Mode

Explained How the New Creative Mode for the Game Will Work

There are many aspects that players should consider according to the 2.5 Beta Update. There will be two ways to access the Creative Mode map: BR Map and TDM. Players can presently explore the mode in the Erangle map for the BR Map. Additionally, we anticipate that the mode will be accessible on the Livik map. Here are some Mode snippets.

  • The Mode is now usable with BR Map (Erangel) and TDM. The TDM will display a brand-new version of it to players.
  • Customizing the map is completely up to the players. There will be two bases available for players to choose from 100 metres and 500 metres.
  • Players may be able to level up on a stunt track in Erangel.
  • The players will also have complete freedom in the Map Editor mode. They can produce items like backpacks, weapons, and residences wherever.
  • Users can also add barriers and other fascinating features to create the ideal space for them.

Thus, this is a preview of the next update. Players should, however, treat it with a grain of salt. As we get closer to its publication, everything will become more evident. Follow TSG for more such gaming updates.


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