PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Release Date, Patch Notes And APK Download Link

PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Release Date, Patch Notes And APK Download Link

The anticipated PUBG Mobile 2.4 update has a set release date, know about its patch notes

The rollout will be visible to players during the first week of January 2023.

Players are likely to embrace the new update’s APK within two days of its release, according to the release date disclosure. If the PUBG Mobile patching history is any indication, between January 6 and January 8, the APK link on the game’s official website will be updated.

PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update Release Date, Patch Notes, APK Download Link

Players from India should be aware that this update is not for BGMI because that game is restricted in their country.

Players must therefore avoid hearing any speculations or leaks about Battlegrounds Mobile India until they receive Krafton’s official response regarding an unban date.


PUBG Mobile 2.4 APK is anticipated to release in the first week of January along with a number of beta version features.

The game’s official social media pages have announced that the 2.4 version will be released on January 6, 2023. Although the release date has only been confirmed by the developers, many features from the 2.4 beta version, which was released earlier this month, can be anticipated.


The following features could be included in PUBG Mobile 2.4 APK’s final release:

Features of the vintage Battle Royale update

  • Back For Honor is a new feature that will enable players to be called back into a game after being eliminated during a match and take on their eliminated opponent in a mission for vengeance.
  • There will be a new two-seater Dancing Lion vehicle available that players may tote around with them during the game.
  • the introduction of a new Grappling Hook
  • Martial Arts Arena, a brand-new, momentary game area

Updates to Metro Royale include

  • The debut of a fresh map
  • Ziplines and stairs have been added, and new PvE bosses and NPC opponents have been released.
  • Four new, tradeable items are added to the upcoming map: the biological sample, the processor (GPU), the lens, and the gold piles.
  • The upgraded armor’s capacity to withstand damage from explosive attacks with improved resistance.
    a considerable increase in the capacity of the basic inventory (capacity will be 30 now).

The upcoming edition of PUBG Mobile will be named as Warrior Trial. Every new version of PUBG Mobile does have an official name. As Tencent Games/Krafton makes additional announcements about the game, players can be ready for its release. It appears that players of PUBG Mobile will have a great month in January 2023.


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