Who Is Nihita Biswas Wife Of Charles Sobhraj, Her Age, Marriage And Where Is She Now In 2022

Who Is Nihita Biswas Wife Of Charles Sobhraj, Her Age, Marriage And Where Is She Now In 2022

Charles “the Serpent,” a confessed French serial murderer, has arrived in Paris after being released from a Nepalese jail, know about his wife Nihita Biswas and her age

After serving the majority of his life sentence for the killings of several American and Canadian trekkers, the 78-year-old was freed. 

Who Is Nihita Biswas Wife Of Charles Sobhraj, Her Age, Marriage, Where Is She Now In 2022

The Serpent, a BBC and Netflix television series that premiered last year, recently dramatised the life of the serial murderer. Tahar Rahim portrayed Sobhraj in the programme (The Eddy, The Looming Tower).

What Did Charles Sobhraj Do And Who Is He?

For his crimes targeting Western tourists who were travelling along the hippie route of South Asia in the 1970s, Sobhraj, a French serial killer and thief, has been monikered as The Serpent, The Splitting Killer, and The Bikini Killer.

On April 6, 1944, in Saigon, Sobhraj was born. His mother and her French Army officer spouse nurtured him. Sobhraj alternated between Southeast Asia and France during his early years. Sobhraj served time in France, India, and Afghanistan while incarcerated for a number of crimes during his life, including armed robbery, car theft, and burglary.

According to estimates, Sobhraj killed at least 20 or even 30 tourists in South and Southeast Asia, although only 12 deaths have been confirmed.

After attempting to drug a party of French visitors in New Delhi in July 1976, Sobhraj was apprehended. However, the tourists managed to fight Sobhraj and call the police. Sobhraj was given a 12-year term; however because his time in jail in India was scheduled to conclude before the 20-year Thai statute of limitations ran out. He would have been deported to Thailand, where he very likely would have been put to death for murder.

Sobhraj made the decision to host a celebration for the guards and his fellow prisoners in March 1986, after serving ten years in jail. He escaped from prison after giving sleeping drugs to everyone.

Just as he had intended, he was swiftly apprehended and sentenced to an additional 10 years in jail. At the age of 52, Sobhraj was freed from prison in 1997, but by that time practically all of his warrants, evidence, and eyewitnesses had vanished.

Sobhraj was given permission by the Indian government to return to France, where he retired to Paris. Sobhraj returned to Nepal in 2003, one of the few nations where he might still be detained. The 1975 double homicide case was reopened by the Nepalese police, and Sobhraj was apprehended. In 2004, the Kathmandu district court sentenced Sobhraj to life in prison for the slayings of Bronzich and Carriere.

Unbothered by 44 years of age difference and her fiance’s criminal record, lawyer Nihita tied the nuptial knot with Charles inside the prison walls of the Kathmandu jail he was housed in.

Marriage Date: 9 October 2008

Age: 34 Years

Nationality: Nepali

She did her schooling from Kathmandu’s Nepal’s St. Mary’s High School and was his second wife.

He Is Still Married?

In his life, Sobhraj has been married twice and is the father of three kids. With Chantal Desnoyers, with whom he had a long-term relationship, he had his first two children. He had been romantically involved for a while with her. In 1964, Desnoyers gave birth to Prank, his first child, and Muriel, his daughter, five years later.


In fact, his daughter Muriel was born the night before he wed Chantal Compagnon in 1969. Usha was born to Sobhraj and Compagnon together. Stacy Martin played Compagnon, who was renamed Juliette in The Serpent (I Love Greece, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain).

After their breakup, Compagnon and her daughter with Sobhraj are little mentioned in the media. From a jail in Nepal, Sobhraj revealed to British journalist Andrew Anthony in 2014 that he and Compagnon had kept in touch and that she had supposedly continued to help him financially.

In 2008, while imprisoned in Kathmandu, Sobhraj remarried Nihita Biswas, his translator who is both Indian and Nepali and the daughter of his lawyer Shakuntala Thapa. According to India Today, Sobhraj asked for an interpreter while in prison, and Biswas, who is 44 years his junior, agreed to help.

Within three months of their first encounter, the couple were engaged. When they wed, Biswas was 21 and Sobhraj was 64. Sobhraj claimed in an interview from 2008 that the two of them fell in love right away.

In 2011, Biswas participated in the fifth season of Bigg Boss.

In her season, Biswas was the first contestant to be eliminated.

According to a 2017 Hindustan Times article, Biswas gave blood to Sobhraj while he had heart surgery in a Kathmandu hospital. According to a hospital source who was quoted by the station, Biswas and Sobhraj both had the blood type O-negative. The hospital had made arrangements for Biswas to donate blood in case it was needed before the surgery.

According to the story, “She arrived and gave him a pint of blood.”


Marie Leclerc: Who Was She?

When Marie-Andree Leclerc and Sobhraj first met in 1975 in Thailand, she joined him as his accomplice in crime. She was a medical secretary from Quebec, Canada, who joined Sobhraj in his murder and drug-related crime spree.

She was detained in India in 1976 with Sobhraj, despite her denials that she had ever assisted him in his crimes or been aware he was killing people.

Following the attempted drugging and robbery of a group of students in 1976, Leclerc was also given a life sentence. However, this was eventually reversed after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. In 1983, she was granted permission to return to Canada, where she passed away the following year at the age of 38.

Has He Been Let Out Of Jail?

Sobhraj was taken from Kathmandu’s Central Jail on Friday (December 23) in a heavily guarded police convoy to the immigration office. 

Because of his bad health, excellent behaviour, and completion of the majority of his term, Sobhraj, who had been given a life sentence in jail in Nepal, has been ordered freed by the nation’s highest court. In Nepal, life terms are 20 years.

Gopal Siwakoti Chitan, Sobhraj’s attorney, told reporters that because offices are closed over the weekend for Christmas, it would take some time for the immigration department to obtain the travel papers from the French embassy in Nepal.

He had a heart illness, which was disclosed in the court record that stated he had already completed more than 75% of his sentence and was thus eligible for release.


After being freed, Biswas stated: “My major concern is for him to return safely. All these years, we have been waiting for him. He will be treated with respect when he arrives and will get a thorough medical examination.”

For security considerations, we’re trying to return him to his family in France by tonight. He experienced various problems after the cardiac operation. He could require more surgery.

His Comment After Being Freed?

According to his French attorney Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, he came on a flight from Nepal through Qatar at Charles de Gaulle Airport in the French capital on Saturday. He told the Associated Press in a quick phone call after landing in Paris, “I’m OK, I’m pleased” to be in France. “Lunch is on the agenda.”

He’s doing well, according to French director Jean-Charles Deniau, who talked with Sobhraj upon his arrival in Paris. He is producing a movie and book about his story.

The French authorities did not reply to demands for comment about whether he would face legal difficulties in France.  The French government did not do enough to support or protect him, according to Ms Coutant-Peyre, who hailed his release. It said: “I’m extremely glad but quite startled that it took 19 years to get his normal freedom.” Sobhraj had seen The Serpent, she said, and had called it “trash first of all, and that 70% of it is utterly fake.”

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