PFL Europe Newcastle 2023 schedule, dates, fighters roster, live stream telecast

PFL Europe Newcastle 2023 schedule, dates, fighters roster, live stream telecast

The Professional Fighters League is all set to enter the European MMA market, with the PFL Europe 2023, check out what the new competition entails, schedule, roster, dates, how to watch live, and more

The PFL have a firm hold on the U.S. MMA market, and features several fighters from around the world.

PFL Europe Newcastle 2023 schedule, dates, fighters roster, venue and live stream telecast

PFL Europe will be he PFL’s first-ever regional league and it will utilize the PFL playoff format.

Following the news, PFL CEO Peter Murray revealed in a statement:

Launching regional leagues has always been part of our vision as a company, and now in our fifth year and based on the growth of the sport and demand for media distribution among fans, this is the right time to launch our first regional league.”

The Professional Fighters League

Donn Davis acquired the World Series of Fighting, and restructured it to form the PFL in 2017. Following its initial launch in 2018, the PFL became the first major MMA promotion to feature regular season, post-season, and championship format.


The PFL uses a point system, where fighters win points based on the round of the fight and wins. Fighters get three points for a win, and zero points for a loss. Fighters who win in the first round, receive three extra points, while a round-two finish earns them two extra points. Meanwhile, fighters will receive only one extra point for a round-three finish.

  • Men’s Light Heavyweight division:
    • Simeón Powell (UK)
    • Mohamed Amine (Holland)
    • Kenneth Bergh (Norway)
    • Jakob Nedoh (Slovenia)
    • Anthony Salamone (France)
    • Daniel Ladero (Spain)
    • Damien Remy (France)
  •  Women’s Flyweight division:
    • Dakota Ditcheva (UK)
    • Clara Riciguolo (France)
    • Griet Eechkout (Belgium)
    • Mafalda Carmona (Portugal)
    • Cornelia Holm (Sweden)
    • Marta Waliczek (Poland)
    • Lizzy Gevers (Holland)
    • Valentina Scatizzi (Italy)
  • Men’s Bantamweight division
    • Ali Taleb (Sweden)
    • Dominique Wooding (UK)
    • Francesco Nuzzi (Italy)
    • Frans Mlambo (Ireland)
    • Farbod Iran Nezhad (Germany)
    • Kenji Bortoluzzi (Switzerland)
    • Khurshed Kakhorov (Germany)
    • Mokthar Benkaci (France)
  •  Men’s Lightweight division:
    • Acoidan Duque (Spain)
    • Aleksandr Chizov (Latvia)
    • Connor Hughes (UK)
    • Dylan Tuke (Ireland)
    • Geysim Derouiche (France)
    • John Mitchell (Ireland)
    • Radu Maxim (Italy)
    • Jakub Kaszuba (Poland)

PFL Europe

The PFL stated that purpose of launching PFL Europe is to grow the PFL’s global relevance and brand exposure. The PFL Europe features some of the top emerging European MMA fighters. 32 of Europe’s top-ranked fighters are set to compete across four weight classes.

There will be four champions after four events, and each winner will receive a cash prize. Each of the four winners will receive $100,000 from a total prize pool of $1 million.


Murray stated in the release:

I am pleased to announce the PFL will launch PFL Europe in 2023 to further advance the sport of MMA and fuel PFL’s next phase of global expansion starting in Europe, the number one international MMA growth region.

He further added that the event will be the first of multiple international leagues. Murray stated:

Essentially, we’re building the Champions League of MMA”.

Julia Boyadjieva, who formerly worked with Formula 1 and WWE will serve as the Vice President of International Event Operations and the General Manager of PFL Europe. Boyadjieva recently stated:


I am delighted to join the Professional Fighters League to further expand its international footprint, lead the launch of PFL Europe as well as stage premium MMA events across the globe.

PFL Europe schedule

Given below is the recently released 2023 PFL Europe season schedule:

Date Location
March 25 Newcastle, UK – Vertu Motors Arena (Regular Season)
July 8 Berlin, Germany – Verti Music Hall (Regular Season)
September 30 Paris, France – Zenith Paris La Villette (Playoffs)
December 8 Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena (Final)

How to watch PFL Europe

Fight fans from select countries will get to watch PFL Europe live on the DAZN streaming app and ESPN+.

Country Channel + Live Stream
United States ESPN+
Mexico DAZN
United Kingdom DAZN
Australia DAZN

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