Olga Korbut Biography, Family, Parents, Husband, Age, Ranking, Gymnastics Career, Coach, Net Worth, Banned Dead Loop Move

Olga Korbut Biography, Family, Parents, Husband, Age, Ranking, Gymnastics Career, Coach, Net Worth, Banned Dead Loop Move

Olga Valentinovna Korbut popularly known as Olga Korbut is a former gymnast who belongs to the Soviet Union, know why was her dead loop move banned in gymnastics 

She is also known as “Sparrow from Minsk.” Know about her biography, career, family, parents, age

Olga Korbut aka Sparrow from Minsk owns four gold medals and two silver medals which she won at the Summer Olympics Games.

Korbut has been in the headlines recently because of her 50 years old video going viral lately of her performing dead loop, the act that is considered banned in the sports industry. The dead loop she performed is known by the name “Korbut flip.”

Why Was Korbut Flip “Dead Loop” Move Of Olga Banned In Gymnastics? 

The dead loop of Korbut flip was banned for its involvement in high levels that might be risky. It was performed by standing on a high bar, enforcing a backflip and clenching the bar once more.

Olga Korbut Biography, Age, Family, Parents, Badminton Ranking, Coach

Olga Korbut is a retired gymnast who plays for the Soviet Union and is nicknamed “Sparrow from Minsk.”

She was the first-ever and last person to perform the Korbut flip stunt. She represented the erstwhile Soviet Union at Munich’s Olympics in 1972.

Olga Korbut Age, Height And Ranking

Born in 1955, on May 16th, Olga Korbut is 66 years old. The gymnast is 4 ft 11 inches (150 cm).

Olga Korbut Parents, Family, Siblings

Korbut’s father’s name is Valentin Korbut while her mother’s name is Valentina Korbut.

She has three siblings, the three sisters are named Zinaida Korbut, Irina Korbut and Lyudmila Korbut. Richard Bortkevich, known for his acting in Dvoe na ostrove slyoz in 1987, is a 43 year old son of Olga Korbut.


Olga Korbut Husband

Olga got married to a Belarusian singer, vocalist of the folk-rock band Pesniary, Leonid Bortkevich in 1978 one year after her retirement but it didn’t last and they got separated in the year 2000. Bortkevich died in 2021 on 13th April.

She then tied the knot with Alex Voinich.

Olga Korbut Coach

Olga’s first coach was Elena Volchetskaya who was herself a gold medalist at the Olympics.

Renald Ivanovich Knysh was born from September 10, 1931, to April 19, 2019, was a Soviet and Belarusian who used to train Ogla Coach in artistic gymnastics and was also head of the Belarusian sports school that Olga joined when she was 9.

Olga Korbut Gymnastics Career, Record, Wins

Korbut was very young and was considered as one of the youngest to be in gymnast of the period.

She started her training at a very early age when she was just 8 years old. After a year, she joined a Belarusian sports school when she was 9. Her debut at the sport was in the USSR in 1969, the year when she obtained a backflip-to-catch on the uneven bars.

The act by Olga was the first-ever backward release move that was ever performed by any woman on bars.

The gymnast ended up positioned fifth in the competition in the 1969 USSR championships while she was just 14 years old.

Olga bagged a gold medal in the vault but because of being very unlucky with her health that caused her illness and injury, she couldn’t compete in multiple events.

She finally managed to participate in the 1972 Summer Olympics beating all the injuries and sickness where she gained a lot of success. Her acrobatics and open high-level gymnastics were very rare that made people talk about it and made her famous as she used to be one of everyone’s favourites for her dynamic performance.

Olga clinched three gold medals for the balance beam, floor exercise and team events. She also confirmed a silver medal for one of her finishes which is considered one of the most controversial acts.


She then participated in the European Championship where she won a silver medal and confirmed the Russian and World Student Games in 1973.

Olga Korbut Retirement 

Olga Korbut was retired in the year 1977 when she was 22 years old.

Olga Korbut Net Worth

Olga Korbut is a successful former gymnast and is said to have earned $1 Million.

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