NCPCR files complaint against Twitter/X user dudeitsokay for mocking archer Sheetal Devi

NCPCR files complaint against Twitter/X user dudeitsokay for mocking archer Sheetal Devi

Twitter user “dudeitsokay” has now apologised for his joke on archer Sheetal Devi after a complaint by NCPCR

In a heartwarming ceremony on January 9, 16-year-old para-archer Sheetal Devi who clinched the gold medal at the Asian Para Games was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award by President Droupadi Murmu.

Sheetal Devi was honored with Arjuna Award. This marked a significant achievement not only for Devi but also for the entire para-athlete community. However, the joyous occasion took an unexpected turn when an insensitive joke circulated on social media by triggering a wave of outrage.

NCPCR files complaint against Twitter/X user dudeitsokay for mocking archer Sheetal Devi after she received the Arjuna award

The incident unfolded when a social media user, going by the handle @dudeitsokay, posted a picture of Sheetal Devi receiving the award along with a caption that read, ‘kitni arrogant hai, President award de rahi aur yeh le nahi rahi.’ Translated, it implies, ‘She is so arrogant; the President is giving her an award and she is not receiving it.’

This attempt at humor which centered around Devi’s disability, quickly drew condemnation from users across various social media platforms.


The joke not only lacked humor but also displayed a blatant disregard for the resilience and accomplishments of para-athletes. Sheetal Devi, who overcame physical challenges to excel in her sport, became a symbol of determination and inspiration. The insensitive comment not only undermined her achievements but also perpetuated harmful stereotypes about individuals with disabilities.

As news of the inappropriate remark spread, social media users rallied to express their disapproval. Many condemned the insensitivity, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive and supportive online environment. Some users highlighted that possessing a mobile phone, an internet connection, and a social media account should not be an excuse to engage in trolling or making hurtful comments.

A complaint was filed by the NCPCR in the aftermath of the tweet with the Twitter user subsequently apologisng for it.

The Delhi police has been directed to register an FIR against an X (formerly Twitter) account for making a derogatory joke on the Arjuna Award winner para-archer Sheetal Devi and the post that went viral was flagged by many users with some seeking action from NCPCR or National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.


The NCPCR took cognizance of the matter and directed the Delhi police to register an FIR against X and the person who operated the account which had made derogatory joke on Sheetal Devi and the accused person has been reportedly booked under relevant sections of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

The outrage sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities associated with social media use. While platforms offer a space for expressing opinions and sharing content, users must be mindful of the impact their words can have, especially when targeting individuals based on their abilities or disabilities. Cyberbullying contradicts the essence of a connected world and the potential for social media to foster positive interactions.


Moreover, the incident highlighted the persistent challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, not only in the realm of sports but also in society at large. Sheetal Devi’s accomplishments represent a triumph over adversity, and instead of celebrating her success, the insensitive joke attempted to belittle her achievements.

In response to the backlash, @dudeitsokay’s post was reported and subsequently taken down by the social media platform.

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