Nasr School Founder Begum Anees Khan death reason, funeral, biography, age, family

Nasr School Founder Begum Anees Khan death reason, funeral, biography, age, family

The educational landscape in Hyderabad mourns the loss of a visionary Begum Anees Khan, know about her death reason and family

On August 16, 2023, the founder and Chairperson of the Nasr Educational Society took her last breath due to illness. She left behind a legacy that has transformed the lives of countless individuals. With a commitment to providing quality education and uplifting underprivileged girls, Begum Anees Khan’s contributions have left a mark on the educational fabric.

Nasr School Founder Begum Anees Khan death reason, funeral, biography, age and family

She was aged over eighty years and was suffering from illness for quite some time and family members informed that funeral prayers will be held after the Maghrib at Nasr School, Khairtabad, on Wednesday evening.

The journey of Begum Anees Khan began in 1965 when she established the Nasr Education Society. This organization managed the Nasr Group of Institutions, which includes Nasr Schools located across four different locations in Hyderabad. Under the leadership of Begum Anees Khan, the Nasr Education Society flourished and became a symbol of educational excellence.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Begum Anees Khan’s legacy is the school for underprivileged girls in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. This institution stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to social upliftment. Not only does the school offer free education but it also provides essential resources like books, uniforms, and meals. Begum Anees Khan aimed to break the cycle of poverty and pave the way for a brighter future.


Notable alumni of Nasr Schools

Begum Anees Khan’s impact can be seen through the accomplishments of the alumni who have emerged from the Nasr Group of Institutions. Tennis superstar Sania Mirza, renowned actress and model Dia Mirza, IPS officer Tejdeep Kaur Menon, former tennis player Mishgahn Omer, acclaimed writer and journalist Anuradha Roy, and talented writer-filmmaker Nidheya Suresh are just a few examples of the individuals who have thrived under the educational guidance provided by Begum Anees Khan’s initiatives.


Begum Anees Khan’s death

The news of Anees Khan’s passing has triggered an outpouring of grief and heartfelt tributes. Asaduddin Owaisi who is AIMIM leader and Hyderabad MP, lauded her exceptional contributions in the field of education.

Owaisi highlighted the enduring legacy of Nasr School and emphasized its role as one of Hyderabad’s finest educational institutions. He extended his condolences to her family and friends, recognizing the profound impact she had on her students and the community.


Her dedication to providing quality education and uplifting the marginalized has set an example for others to follow. As the Nasr Group of Institutions continues to thrive, Begum Khan’s spirit and vision will undoubtedly remain at the heart of its mission. Her commitment to education and social progress will continue to inspire generations to come, ensuring that her legacy lives on.

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