Who is Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky on TikTok, bio, age, height, family, real name, net worth

Who is Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky on TikTok, bio, age, height, family, real name, net worth

Reports have surfaced detailing Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky’s decision to file charges against Chrisean Rock in a dramatic turn of events stemming from an altercation during the filming of the reality TV series “Baddies East”, know her real name and net worth

In the ever-dynamic world of social media, certain personalities shine brighter than the rest. One such luminary is 23-year-old Victoria Rose Waldrip who is better recognized as the enigmatic Woah Vicky. Her latest endeavor has thrust her back into the spotlight as she takes legal action against Chrisean Rock for second-degree assault.

Whispers of the legal dispute were amplified when Blueface who is a notable rapper and Chrisean Rock’s ex-partner alluded to the allegations in a tweet that has since been removed.

Who is Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky on TikTok, bio, age, height, family, real name, net worth, Instagram

Woah Vicky was born in Atlanta on 7 March 2000 to Carla Jhonson. She has an elder sister named Stephanie Waldrip. She has completed her education at Penn Foster High School. She is 5ft 4in tall and her weight is 48 kg.

Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky career and latest news

Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky rose to prominence through her engaging Instagram videos that radiated positivity and charm. These snippets offered glimpses into her life and acted as the foundation for her ascent as a social media sensation.

Her venture into more extensive content creation commenced with her inaugural YouTube upload in 2017 where she recounted her voyage to the Dominican Republic. This helped viewers with a deeper connection with her world.

Diversification became Woah Vicky’s forte as she effortlessly navigated various content genres. From viral challenges to indulgent mukbangs, playful pranks, and mesmerizing ASMR experiences, her versatility shone through. Amidst this diverse content landscape, she occasionally treated her audience to vibrant vacation vlogs, insightful cosmetic tutorials, and ingenious makeup hacks.


Beyond these ventures, Woah Vicky delved into the world of music, delivering tracks like “In Da City,” “Cash App,” and “Like.”

However, Woah Vicky’s story doesn’t end with her digital charisma alone. She has expanded her horizons, embarking on international travels to destinations like Greece, the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, and the United Arab Emirates. Her experiences not only resonate with her audience but also offer a peek into her multi-faceted life.

One of the most defining chapters in Woah Vicky’s narrative was her public feud with rapper Danielle Brigolli known as Bhad Bhabie. This clash of online personalities led to the release of “Went Out Bad, Bhabie,” a song that seemed to encapsulate their altercation.


However, the recent spotlight on Woah Vicky is due to the alleged second-degree assault by Chrisean Rock. As per police reports, the incident occurred on August 13 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Court proceedings have been scheduled for September 25 but details remain scarce.

Woah Vicky’s online presence is undeniably potent, boasting approximately 1.15 million YouTube subscribers, 3.7 million Instagram followers, and a staggering 9 million TikTok enthusiasts. Her reach and influence are undeniable, making her a powerhouse in the digital realm.


Chrisean Rock’s relationship with Blueface unfolded in the public eye, beginning with their meeting on a reality show and culminating in marriage in 2023. However, their love story took an unexpected turn and lead to separation and reportedly Chrisean’s pregnancy.

Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky’s net worth

Victoria Rose Waldrip aka Woah Vicky is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

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