Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Winner And Poll Results List

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Winner And Poll Results List

After almost a year, Mojang finally hosted the annual Minecraft livestream today, know the mob vote 2022 winner and poll results

At the beginning of the Minecraft Live 2022, the fans of Tuff Golem were left disappointed as the tiny golem was eliminated in the first round.

However, the two final candidates left were Rascal and Sniffer and it was totally left to the community to decide who would get added to Minecraft for this year.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Winner And Poll Results 

At the end of the live stream, many Mojang developers came forward together to announce the winner of Mob Vote 2022.

The fans of Sniffer were quite excited after the live stream as the Sniffer won the polls after receiving more than one and half a million votes. As a result, Sniffer defeated Rascal in the process.

After the live stream, the official account of Minecraft took to their Twitter page and penned down, “You have voted: The sniffer is the winner of Mob Vote 2022!

“You’ve brought this ancient mob back from extinction! #MinecraftLive”


Now, the Sniffer will arrive with the 1.20 update. While other players won’t be seeing it anytime soon in beta or snapshots.

The mob will probably be added in the last few testing phases, just like how the Alley was added very late.

Here’s everything that you might need to know about the adorable winner of Mob Vote 2022, the Sniffer.

Mojang developers introduced the winner as an ancient mob that had become extinct. However, Sniffer were revived and brought to life once again by their fans.

Like many other mobs, the Sniffer has 2 variants i.e, Adult and Baby. The community members suspect the mob will be as tall as the player model.


These ancient beasts seem to be enjoying a peaceful life as they have shown hanging around Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes in the trailer, just minding their own business, without a care about others.

Though Mojang hasn’t revealed much information about the Sniffer’s mechanics, based on what was revealed in the trailer, the mob can sniff and discover ancient seeds in the Overworld.

The players can also use these seeds to grow new plants. However, the developers have already confirmed that the ancient plants won’t have any use in the game except decoration.

Speaking about the Sniffer, they are the first “ancient” mob in Minecraft. Now, with the 1.19 update, the developers have added new structure’s known as Ancient Cities.


Though the Sniffer has won the votes, the downside of such a poll is the obvious farewell to 2 fantastic candidates.

Well, though the two candidates, Rascal and Tuff Golem lost the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, but hope is not lost as these two might be added in a future update if they fit in with the theme.

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