Let him cook slang meaning in chat explained as meme goes viral on Twitter/X and TikTok

Let him cook slang meaning in chat explained as meme goes viral on Twitter/X and TikTok

In the fast-paced world of internet slang, phrases come and go with the speed of a tweet. One such phrase that has captured the attention of online communities is “Let him cook”, check out the meaning of the slang as the meme goes viral

Originating from the world of hip-hop, particularly popularized by the rapper Lil B and his fan base around 2010, Let him cook is trending on various online platforms.

Lil B explained in a 2010 YouTube video that to cook implies “to take your time and care.” He further clarified that ” Let that boy cook ” is another way of saying “Let him do his thing.”

Let him cook slang meaning in chat explained as the meme goes viral on Twitter/X and TikTok

In his video, Lil B also clarified that the phrase alludes to the process of rising to the position of head chef and that becoming a professional chef requires a great deal of time, effort, and practice.

Let him cook meaning

When someone says “Let him cook,” they are essentially advocating for giving someone the space and time to do their thing. It’s a way of showing support for another person’s actions or words, even if they seem unconvincing or unproductive at first.


However, the phrase is not always used earnestly. In some cases, “Let him cook” is employed ironically to mock a controversial opinion or dubious statement. On platforms like Twitter and TikTok, users may use the phrase in response to laughable or absurd remarks, indicating a willingness to see just how ridiculous the conversation can become.

This ironic usage adds a layer of humor to the expression, highlighting its versatility in online discourse.

The meme featuring Woody from Toy Story has also contributed to the popularity of the phrase. Depicting Woody holding out his hand to hold back another character, accompanied by text like “Hold up, let him cook,” this meme has become a visual representation of the concept. Originating around December 2022, the meme has since been turned into an emote on Twitch, further cementing its status in internet culture.


Beyond its original meaning, “Let him cook” has also spawned variations and spin-offs. For example, the term “cooking” itself has emerged to describe someone’s exceptional performance or skill, whether in sports, debates, or other activities. Conversely, phrases like “Never let bro cook again” add a comedic twist to the expression, suggesting that allowing someone to pursue their idea or activity led to disastrous results.


Furthermore, the term “rizz” has been associated with someone’s charm or flirting skills, often used in a humorous context. On platforms like Twitter, “Let him cook” has been used to defend or support someone’s flirting abilities by implying that even if they may not be conventionally attractive, their approach is still appreciated or seen as endearing.

In essence, “Let him cook” embodies the spirit of online communities, where individuals are encouraged to express themselves, pursue their passions, and engage in lively discourse. Whether sincerely supporting someone’s endeavours or playfully mocking absurdities, this phrase reflects the dynamic nature of internet culture and its ability to adapt and evolve over time.

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