Krafton Could Bring Back BGMI In India In The Form Of A New App As Data Migration Takes Place In Latest Unban Date Update News

Krafton Could Bring Back BGMI In India In The Form Of A New App As Data Migration Takes Place In Latest Unban Date Update News

Recently, news about Krafton bringing back BGMI in India in the form of a new app has been making the rounds on the internet, know about the data migration and unban date news update today

There have been several fake return date statements about BGMI making a comeback to Google Play Store and App Store, but none have been confirmed.

Krafton Could Bring Back BGMI In India In The Form Of A New App As Data Migration Takes Place In Latest Unban Date Update News 2022

Recent reports indicate that many fans have started circulating news of an “account migration” prompt when searching for specific player IDs in BGMI.

BGMI Ban in India

BGMI is one of the most popular games in the Indian gaming market. Following the recent banning of the game by the Indian government, the currently emerging esports ecosystem has taken a setback.

Krafton abruptly removed BGMI from the Google Play Store and App Store on 28 July. Ever since then, popular influencers and individuals in the gaming community have been posting positive statements regarding the game’s return.

Krafton To Bring Back BGMI In India

The recent reports of account migration have further added to the optimistic outlook towards BGMI’s return. The reports from players suggest that Krafton are in the works of bringing back BGMI in the form of a new App.

Several reports have been appearing on the Internet where players cannot view specific IDs in the search results of the game. Despite being listed on a few ranking stats pages, they encounter a migration notice upon opening their ID.


The migration notice read:

The player you are viewing has migrated to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The speculation is that Krafton might be transferring the player data to new servers as the current servers are suspected of communicating with Chinese servers.

What has excited fans and players is that, the migration prompt resembles the one during the PUBG Mobile-BGMI data transfer. Back in 2021, Krafton offered ex-PUBG Mobile users in India with the option to migrate their accounts from the actual game to the new one.

Similarly, Krafton may introduce a new BGMI app to bring back the game to the virtual storefronts.

Following the data transfer, players were unable to search for shifted accounts in PUBG Mobile. As a result, similar theories have begun to emerge, as some accounts have begun to display similar notifications in BGMI.

However, despite all the conjectures, it is still too early to speculate about the data transfer and relate it to the old incident of PUBG Mobile. The speculations could simply be a glitch as there have been several internal server issues, after the recent ban with Krafton pushing minor updates to make the game run.

Statements of a possible BGMI return

Hrishav Bhattacharjee, the founder and CEO of War Mania, stated that the Indian government and Krafton have had several private meetings about the BGMI ban.

Bhattacharjee also stated that both parties have addressed data privacy concerns and that players can expect the game to come back in mid-October or early November.

Towqeer Gilkar, Starwalr Esports Co-Founder, has stated that he has attended a few meetings to discuss about the game’s ban with the game’s developers. Gilkar stated that the meeting concluded on a positive note.


The Indian government reportedly banned BGMI due to security concerns following contact with Chinese Servers, which have communicated with Indian user data. If the data migration notice does indeed turn out to be true, Krafton might release a new and similar BGMI app.

Players can expect a few in-game changes in gameplay and mechanics once the government gives the green signal to the game.

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