Know Who Is Smriti Shah Vision IAS Teacher Who Mocked Hindus, Justified Killing Of Kashmiri Pandits, Belittled Sabrimala Temple Rituals

Know Who Is Smriti Shah Vision IAS Teacher Who Mocked Hindus, Justified Killing Of Kashmiri Pandits, Belittled Sabrimala Temple Rituals

The Vision of IAS’ Hinduphobic teacher Smriti Shah stated that ‘Bhakti Cult’ began as a response to the liberalism of Islam in the 7th Century

There are two videos that have gone viral on social media in the past three days. These have attracted the attention of people towards a very prestigious coaching institute based in the national capital Delhi. This institute trains students for the prestigious civil services.

The coaching institute in question is the Vision of IAS. Its tutor Smriti Shah can be seen telling her students in a class that the ‘Bhakti Cult’ in Hinduism began as a response to the liberalism of Islam.

Vision IAS Teacher Smriti Shah Biography, Age, Profession, Husband, Viral Videos

Smriti Shah who Vision IAS claim is one of their senior faculty had not only gone onto insult Hindus to glorify Islam but had also gone onto mock Haryanvis and Punjabis by saying they purchases one wife for five sons. She wasn’t the only one peddling her propaganda to demean Hindus but a raft of videos have also surfaced from the institute which is based in Karol Bagh, New Delhi where teachers are seen claiming Aurangzeb was correct to destroy the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

A teacher by profession, her exact age is unknown but she is believed to be aged 30-40 years. There is no information on the details of her husband and family apart from the fact that she harbours an innate hate for Hindus much like everyone else at Vision IAS.



Smriti Shah is also seen persistently smearing PM Narendra Modi and making fun of the Sabrimala Temple decorum. The institute has not only thrown its weight behind her but has also gone onto suspend Twitter accounts who are exposing its sorry agenda according to users on the platform. 

In a video clip that has gone viral, Smriti Shah could be heard stating that when Islam began coming to India in the 7th century it created a huge response. She stated that it talked about liberalism and a society free from the evils of discrimination and oppression. She further added that the ‘Bhakti Cult’ began as a reply to it.

In the other video, she could be heard saying that the feeling of the Hindu Rashtra gives a start to the violent behavior of Hindus. She also stated that the feeling of Hindu Rashtra gives rise to the antagonism of Hindus in response to the religious minorities.

This statement has shocked many is the disregard for the Bhakti movement in the country and the inherent Hinduphobia in Smriti Shah’s teachings.


In a late-night saying, the Vision IAS justified the arguments of the tutor Smriti Shah. Terming tutor Shah an “esteemed faculty member,” Vision IAS said, “The discussion in a point is only focused in only one possible reason for the rise of the Bhakti cult and that too in a particular time period.”

A Social activist Amit Srivastava stated that “So it is the policy of a Vision IAS to consider Islam as an egalitarian cult, with no caste and a social class. They have ignored all the Shia-Sunni, Deobandi-Barelvi, Ashraf-Pashmanda divisions. She said that it is violent discrimination.”

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