Know Everything About The Movie Jersey, Release Date, Star Cast And Which Cricketer Is The Story Based On

Know Everything About The Movie Jersey, Release Date, Star Cast And Which Cricketer Is The Story Based On

Shahid Kapoor will be seen in a cricket-themed movie named Jersey in which he will be starred against Mrunal Thakur, know its release date and which cricketer its based on

Shahid Kapoor has posted the released trailer of his upcoming movie “Jersey” which is a movie based on Sports. This movie is a cricket-themed movie that is a remaking of the Telugu National Award-winning movie, having the same name which was released in the year 2019.

Sports Movie Jersey, Release Date, Director, Cast, Story Based On Which Cricketer

In Jersey, Shahid has played the role of an erstwhile cricket player who wants to get back in the game to inspire his son while the actress Mrunal Thakur plays the role of his wife. The movie is directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, who has made the old movie as well.

The trailer expresses that a cricketer has no job and the erstwhile cricket player is trying to fulfill his son’s dream to buy a jersey for the cricket team. The player is trying to convince his wife to lend him some money from outside but his wife refuses.


Then he tries hard to get money by going door to door in search of arranging money for his son’s dream but eventually he ends up trying to steal money from his wife’s purse.

At the time, the ex-cricketer was offered the job of an assistant coach in the cricket team but he appears hesitant. The trailer then provides a glimpse of his life as a cricket player. This movie Jersey is Shahid Kapoor’s second cricket-themed movie.


Shahid Kapoor has done a movie earlier as well named Dil Bole Hadippa in the year 2009 and in the movie Actress Rani Mukerji was also starred.

The real movie Jersey has starred Nani in the lead role and the language of the movie was Telugu. The movie went on to achieve the National Award as well. As it was in reports this year that Nani praised Shahid Kapoor and also believed that he will do a stunning performance in the movie.

Movie Jersey is set to be released on December 31st, just after a week of Ranveer Singh’s cricket-themed movie “83”. The movie draws inspiration from the life of late cricketer, Raman Lamba.


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