Is the skinwalkers in Ohio school campus video real or fake as skinwalker meme goes viral on TikTok

Is the skinwalkers in Ohio school campus video real or fake as skinwalker meme goes viral on TikTok

Over the past few days, a TikTok conspiracy video showing a school going on lockdown due to “skinwalkers” in an Ohio school campus went viral online, check out the video explored below

Ever since the video started making its rounds on social media, viewers have been curious to find out if it is true.

Is the skinwalkers in Ohio school campus video real or fake after skinwalker meme goes viral on TikTok

While the original video poster claims that the video is true, several sources have come out against it, find out more about it below.

TikTok video of skinwalkers in Ohio school campus goes viral

A TikTok user named @killerclownstiktok first posted the now viral video on TikTok, following which it made rounds across various social media platforms. As of now, the original clip and other versions have garnered over 30 million views. In the video, viewers can see students taking safety precautions while waiting for further instructions.


The original video read:

reports of skinwalkers sighted at school in ohio September 17th 2023”

Viewers can also hear an announcement in the video stating:

Please pardon the interruption. At this time, we are going to ask the students and staff to conduct an internal lockdown. I repeat, this is not a drill. Please proceed to internal lockdown. 911 has been called, remain in internal lockdown unless instructed otherwise.”

Viewers can also see teachers guiding the students towards safety, with many students looking perplexed.


Skinwalkers in an Ohio school campus video explored

According to a source, the word ‘skinwalker’ comes from the Navajo culture, which refers to:

a type of harmful witch who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal.”

Unsurprisingly, the video is obviously fake, as the creature is not real. In fact, the creature comes in the same category as other fictional creatures like unicorns, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc. Moreover, the video was reportedly taken on 17 September, which falls on a Sunday. Schools in the US and almost in every other country are generally closed on the weekends.


Moreover, some users pointed out how they hear the announcement mentioned about “a man with a weapon.” And since the announcement does not feature any announcement of skinwalkers, the video is most likely a recording of students practicing emergency protocols in case of a school shootout. Some users even conducted a reverse image search of the first clip and found that the video was from a video that was several years old.

Moreover, there is no other proof available online about the skinwalkers roaming in the Ohio school. And since now official news publication reported about the occurrence, the video is undoubtedly false. This however, hasn’t stopped the @killerclownstiktok TikTok account to upload more videos about skinwalkers in Ohio schools. Notably, the account often posts horror-themed content related to the said video.

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