Racist video of Jeanne Umana University of California Santa Barbara professor goes viral amidst horrid reviews

Racist video of Jeanne Umana University of California Santa Barbara professor goes viral amidst horrid reviews

Just recently, a video depicting Jeanne Umana, a former professor at University of California Santa Barbara went viral, showing her making racist comments towards a construction worker.

After the video went viral online, a huge crowd gathered outside her Santa Barbara apartment complex and started a protest.

Construction worker racist video of Jeanne Umana University of California Santa Barbara professor goes viral amidst horrid reviews


Aside from the protest and backlash online, netizens also went to the Rate My Professors website to flood the site with negative reviews about Jeanne.

Video of Jeanne Umana making racist comments goes viral


Just over the past weekend, a video of Jeanne Umana confronting and making racist comments against Luis Cervantes went viral. Luis was reportedly just working on a nearby property when she confronted him. Based on the video, viewers can hear and see Jeanne telling him how she had the right to know what was happening near her house.

As the situation escalated, Umana stated, “oh, arrest me” in the video, following which Cervantes threatened to call law enforcement. Umana then replied:

I live her. I’m American, you’re Tijuanan. I am very, very much against people who break our laws.”


The woman then slapped or grab Cervantes’ phone, at the end of the video.

Viral video leads to massive protest

Ever since the video went viral across various social media platforms, several people gathered outside Jeanne Umana’s apartment. The large gathering started a protest against her while yelling, “Jeanne Umana, move out!” and “arrest Jeanne!” According to reports, Umana left her residence during the large protest outside her home to go make a report to the police.

Jeanne Umana receives negative Rate My Professors

Jeanne Umana who is reportedly a former law professor at the University of California Santa Barbara also features on the Rate My Professors website. Although the website claims that she is a member of the institution, her name is currently not present on the university’s staff directory. According to reports, she is currently a retired professor of the institution. The website also shows that at least seven people had rated Jeannne as “awful.”

Jeanne Umana makes a formal apology


Following all the drama due to the viral video, Jeanne Umana has come out to apologize for her “inappropriate remarks.” She stated:

And then when someone put the camera in my face, I think that’s when I lost my judgement. My judgement went very, very badly. I am truly sorry that this got out of hand, and I regret making statements like that, because I said them in the heat of the moment. They were not measured and whatever I might feel, I don’t have the right to take it out on anybody else. But unfortunately I lost control.”

Besides the apology, Umana claimed that she went out to question the construction worker after noticing some suspicious activities. She reportedly noticed a construction truck speeding down her street before parking in the middle of the road.

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