Is Fernando Alonso dating Taylor Swift after he sparks dating with TikTok video

Is Fernando Alonso dating Taylor Swift after he sparks dating with TikTok video

Fernando Alonso, a Spanish racing driver for Aston Martin, shared a TikTok video with Taylor Swift music in the background.

This made fans of both Swift and Formula One racer go crazy.

The fact that the video was posted during a break in the F1 schedule has led to rumours that the two famous people might be dating.

Alonso has had a great start to the 2023 Formula One season. In the first three races, he has finished third each time. But when the Spaniard shared the video, which had the pop star’s song “Karma” playing in the background, fans couldn’t help but wonder.

Is Fernando Alonso dating singer Taylor Swift after he sparks dating with TikTok video

Fans are good at reading between the lines, so many of them said on social media that the text and background music were hints that Alonso might be dating the American singer. Fans have been quick to guess on social media, even though neither Alonso nor Swift has confirmed the rumours.


One fan tweeted, “Fernando Alonso uploaded a TikTok with a Taylor Swift song. He definitely knows,” while another added, “It’s the wink.” A third fan suggested, “Alexa. Play “I Think He Knows” by Taylor Swift.”

Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift: Are recent breakups fueling dating rumors?

Both Alonso and Swift recently broke up with their partners, which has added to the rumours. Alonso had been dating Andrea Schlager for a long time. He recently broke the news on Instagram that the relationship was over.


In a statement, Alonso said, “We wanted to tell you that our relationship as a couple ended. We have been lucky enough to share a fantastic time together, and it will continue to be so, but on a different form of affection.”

People might be trying to put two and two together and think that Swift is dating the F1 star because she just broke up with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

The TikTok movie has also made people wonder how people on social media see Alonso. One Twitter user wrote, “Wouldn’t expect Alonso to be the best driver on social media,” while another commented, “Dude is playing into it. Media will definitely ask him about it on Thursday.”


Fernando Alonso focused on racing amid dating rumors with Taylor Swift

Even though the dating rumours are getting a lot of attention, Alonso is focused on his racing job. The two-time world champion will be asked about his possible friendship with Swift, but he will try to keep up his great start to the season by finishing on the podium again at this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku.

It’s not the first time a celebrity and an F1 driver have been tied romantically. Lewis Hamilton and Nicki Minaj were seen together at New York Fashion Week in 2018. This led to rumours that they were dating. But Hamilton later dismissed the rumours, saying that he and Minaj were just “good friends.”

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