Instagram Scrolling Issue Problem And Error Fix Meaning Explained After Update

Instagram Scrolling Issue Problem And Error Fix Meaning Explained After Update

Thousands of Instagram users have threatened to uninstall the app following the new upgrade, know about the scrolling issue problem and error fix

Meta has rolled out a number of new features that have been well received by users, including layout improvements recommended posts in your feed and a new black backdrop.

People are now saying that the scrolling is ‘strange,’ but why? That, too, is part of the latest upgrade. Continue reading to learn more…

Instagram Scrolling Issue Problem And Error Fix Meaning 

On Wednesday (June 29th), several Instagram users took to Twitter to notice that the scrolling on their Instagram feed had altered. Normally, scrolling is smooth, but users report that it is now fragmented, jumpy, and even dizzying. Many people are comparing it to TikTok’s vertical scrolling, and it’s safe to say that users all across the world aren’t thrilled with the new style.


Some may not notice the difference, but for frequent Instagram users, the changes are significant and make the programme significantly less fun to use.

It’s Part Of The New Layout Changes On Instagram.

Instagram is presently testing new layout and feed updates, including the new scrolling capability.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed the modifications, which are meant to make Instagram more “immersive,” on Twitter at the beginning of May. As “video is a major component of the home experience,” he disclosed that postings would now show in a vertical, 9:16 ratio that takes up more of the screen. The 39-year-old also stated that “recommendations” would take up a bigger portion of the feed, which is why you’re seeing so many suggested posts from people you don’t follow.


The Features Are Being “Tested” 

The Instagram CEO did, however, clarify that this is simply a beta test to test the features. Before they are formally published and sent out to all users. This implies that the modifications to the layout and feed have only been implemented to a small number of accounts as Instagram evaluates the new features but the update has far from been well received till now.

For a fix, there’s nothing you can do till a new update is out or just don’t update your application.

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