India Open badminton 2024 live results today, schedule, date, time, score, live streaming telecast

India Open badminton 2024 live results today, schedule, date, time, score, live streaming telecast

We examine the latest results, schedule, & streaming details of the 2024 BWF India Open badminton, which saw Lakshya Sen suffer a surprising first-round loss at the hands of fellow Indian shuttler Priyanshu Rajawat

HS Prannoy, India’s leading men’s singles badminton player, advanced to the second round of the India Open 2024 in New Delhi on Tuesday. Conversely, Commonwealth Games champion Lakshya Sen suffered a defeat at the hands of junior compatriot Priyanshu Rajawat. Competing at the KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, HS Prannoy, ranked ninth in the BWF badminton standings, overcame the challenge posed by world No. 13 Chou Tien Chen with a 21-6, 21-19 victory.

India Open badminton 2024 live results today, schedule, date, time, score, live streaming telecast where to watch

2024 India Open latest results, day 2 schedule, date, venue, results, score, and Indian shuttlers’ performance

Later in the day, Lakshya Sen faced a setback, succumbing to Priyanshu Rajawat in the opening round of the BWF Super 750 tournament. Priyanshu Rajawat, ranked 30th globally, defeated the 19th-ranked Lakshya Sen with a score-line of 16-21, 21-16, 21-13 in a match that lasted 75 minutes. Lakshya Sen had also exited the Malaysia Open, the first tournament of the 2024 badminton season, in the first round last week.

Additionally, Kiran George, ranked 37th, suffered a 21-12, 21-15 defeat at the hands of the 28th-ranked Wang Tzu Wei from Chinese Taipei. Moving to men’s doubles, MR Arjun-Dhruv Kapila experienced a 21-9, 21-13 loss against the Tokyo Olympic champions Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin from Chinese Taipei. Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty, currently holding the second position in the rankings, are set to compete on Wednesday.

In women’s doubles, Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand, ranked 19th globally, won the first game against the fourth-ranked Japanese pair of Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida but ultimately lost the match 21-18, 14-21, 13-21 in 70 minutes. Meanwhile, the women’s doubles team of Rutaparna Panda and Swetaparna Panda, ranked 52nd globally, faced a 21-7, 21-6 defeat against the 21st-ranked pair from Hong Kong China, Yeung Nga Ting-Yeung Pui Lam.

we examine the complete schedule of the 2024 India Open:

January 16-17: First-Round (beginning from 9:00 AM IST)

18th January: Second-Round

January 19: Quarter-Final


20th January: Semi-Final

January 21: Final

India Open 2024: results & schedule

Category Order Match SET-1 SET-2 SET-3
Men’s Singles 1 India K George 12 15
Chinese Taipei Wang T-w 21 21
2 Chinese Taipei Su L-y 23 21
France C Popov 21 18
3 India Prannoy H. S. 21 21
Chinese Taipei Chou T-c 6 19
4 India L Sen 21 16 13
India P Rajawat 16 21 21
5 China Li SF 19 21 21
Thailand K Wangcharoen 21 15 15
6 Chinese Taipei Lee C-h 21 19 11
Japan K Watanabe 13 21 21
7 China Shi YQ
China Weng HY
8 Denmark R Gemke 21 21
Chinese Taipei Lin C-y 19 16
9 India S Kidambi
Hong Kong Lee C Y
10 Denmark M Johannesen
Thailand K Vitidsarn
11 Japan K Nishimoto
China Lu GZ
12 Japan K Tsuneyama
Indonesia A S Ginting
13 Canada B Yang
Malaysia Lee Z J
14 Hong Kong Ng K L
Indonesia J Christie
15 Japan T Obayashi
India S K Karunakaran
16 France T J Popov
Japan K Naraoka
Women’s Singles 1 South Korea An S-y
Thailand R Intanon
2 United States BW Zhang 21 21
Turkey N Arın 15 15
3 Indonesia G M Tunjung 21 21
Chinese Taipei Sung S-y 10 15
4 Chinese Taipei Hsu W-c 18 21 13
Singapore Yeo J M 21 12 21
5 Chinese Taipei Tai T-y
China Gao FJ
6 Thailand S Katethong 21 21
Malaysia Goh J W 10 14
7 China He BJ 21 21
Canada M Li 17 15
8 Vietnam Nguyễn T L 19 12
Thailand P Chochuwong 21 21
9 China Zhang YM
China Wang ZY
10 Scotland K Gilmour
China Han Y
11 Germany Y Li
Thailand B Ongbamrungphan
12 Denmark M Blichfeldt
Japan A Yamaguchi
13 Japan A Ohori
Japan N Nidaira
14 Japan N Okuhara
Myanmar Thet Htar T
15 Chinese Taipei Pai Y-p
Denmark L Kjærsfeldt
16 India A Kashyap
China Chen YF
Men’s Doubles 1 China Liang WK
China Wang C
Chinese Taipei Lee J-h
Chinese Taipei Yang P-hs
2 Scotland A Dunn 21 19 16
Scotland A Hall
Thailand S Jomkoh 16 21 21
Thailand K Kedren
3 Japan T Hoki 21 21
Japan Y Kobayashi
France C Popov 14 15
France T J Popov
4 India Arjun M. R. 9 13
India D Kapila
Chinese Taipei Lee Y 21 21
Chinese Taipei Wang C-l
5 South Korea Kang M-h 21 21
South Korea Seo S-j
Germany M Lamsfuß 18 14
Germany M Seidel
6 China He JT 18 21 14
China Ren XY
South Korea Kim W-h 21 18 21
South Korea Na S-s
7 Indonesia F Alfian 16 21 21
Indonesia M R Ardianto
Malaysia Man W C 21 15 13
Malaysia Tee K W
8 Denmark R Kjær 21 21
Denmark F Søgaard
Indonesia L R Carnando 18 19
Indonesia D Marthin
9 Canada A Dong
Canada N Yakura
Malaysia Goh S F
Malaysia N Izzuddin
10 France L Corvée
France R Labar
China Liu YC
China Ou XY
11 Japan K Mitsuhashi
Japan H Okamura
India K P Garaga
India K S Pratheek
12 Japan A Koga
Japan T Saito
Malaysia A Chia
Malaysia Soh W Y
13 China Chen BY
China Liu Y
Japan K Matsui
Japan Y Takeuchi
14 Indonesia M S Fikri
Indonesia B Maulana
Denmark K Astrup
Denmark A S Rasmussen
15 England B Lane
England S Vendy
Chinese Taipei Lu C-y
Chinese Taipei Yang P-ha
16 Chinese Taipei Lee F-c
Chinese Taipei Lee F-j
India S Rankireddy
India C Shetty
Women’s Doubles 1 United States P L Cao Hok 11 8
United States L Lam
China Li WM 21 21
China Liu XX
2 United States F Corbett 15 21 16
United States A Lee
Chinese Taipei Hsu Y-c 21 15 21
Chinese Taipei Lin W-c
3 India R Panda 6 7
India S Panda
Hong Kong Yeung N T 21 21
Hong Kong Yeung P L
4 Malaysia V Hoo 11 21 21
Malaysia Lim C S
United States A Xu 21 17 13
United States K Xu
5 Japan N Matsuyama 18 21 21
Japan C Shida
India T Jolly 21 14 13
India G Gopichand
6 Chinese Taipei Lee C-h 12 11
Chinese Taipei Teng C-h
Malaysia P Tan 21 21
Malaysia Thinaah M
7 China Zhang SX
China Zheng Y
Netherlands D Jille
Netherlands C Seinen
8 Canada C Choi 15 7
Canada J Wu
South Korea Lee Y-l 21 21
South Korea Shin S-c
9 Thailand J Kititharakul
Thailand R Prajongjai
India T Crasto
India A Ponnappa
10 Japan R Hirokami
Japan Y Kato
Japan M Matsumoto
Japan W Nagahara
11 France M Lambert
France A Tran
China Li YJ
China Luo XM
12 India A Bhat
India S Gautam
South Korea Kim S-y
South Korea Kong H-y
13 Australia S Mapasa
Australia A Yu
Bulgaria G Stoeva
Bulgaria S Stoeva
14 Japan R Miyaura
Japan A Sakuramoto
China Liu SS
China Tan N
15 Japan R Iwanaga
Japan K Nakanishi
Germany L Efler
Germany I Lohau
16 Denmark M Fruergaard
Denmark S Thygesen
South Korea Baek H-n
South Korea Lee S-h
Mixed Doubles 1 China Cheng X 18 21 21
China Zhang C
Hong Kong Lee C H 21 18 12
Hong Kong Ng T Y
2 France T Gicquel 12 15
France D Delrue
Malaysia Goh S H 21 21
Malaysia S J Lai
3 China Jiang ZB 21 21
China Wei YX
Chinese Taipei Chang K-c 18 13
Chinese Taipei Lee C-c
4 Japan Y Kaneko 21 21
Japan M Matsutomo
Denmark M Vestergaard 18 14
Denmark C Busch
5 China Feng YZ 21 21 21
China Huang DP
Indonesia D Ferdinansyah 15 23 12
Indonesia G E Widjaja
6 Thailand R Oupthong 19 18
Thailand J Sudjaipraparat
England M Ellis 21 21
England L Smith
7 South Korea Kim W-h
South Korea Jeong N-e
Canada T A Lindeman
Canada J Wu
8 Japan K Yamashita 18 15
Japan N Shinoya
Japan H Midorikawa 21 21
Japan N Saito
9 Singapore T Hee
Singapore J Tan
Chinese Taipei Ye H-w
Chinese Taipei Lee C-h
10 Indonesia R N Kusharjanto
Indonesia L A Kusumawati
Hong Kong Tang C M
Hong Kong Tse Y S
11 Chinese Taipei Yang P-hs
Chinese Taipei Hu L-f
Netherlands R Tabeling
Netherlands S Piek
12 Germany M Lamsfuß
Germany I Lohau
South Korea Seo S-j
South Korea Chae Y-j
13 Indonesia R Rivaldy
Indonesia P H Mentari
Malaysia Chen T J
Malaysia Toh E W
14 Thailand S Jomkoh
Thailand S Paewsampran
Thailand D Puavaranukroh
Thailand S Taerattanachai
15 United States V Chiu
United States J Gai
Denmark M Thyrri
Denmark A Magelund
16 Malaysia Tan K M
Malaysia Lai P J
Japan Y Watanabe
Japan A Higashino
2024 India Open: prize money pool distribution

Each winner in the singles divisions at the 2024 India Open will receive a prize of $59,500, whereas the victorious doubles pairs will be awarded $62,900. Conversely, the runners-up in the singles category are set to receive $28,900. The confirmed total prize pool for this esteemed competition stands at $850,000. Following his unforeseen elimination in the first round of the India Open, Lakshya Sen will depart the tournament with a prize of $850.

Event Winner Finalist Semi-Final Quarter-Final Last 16 Last 32
Singles $59,500 $28,900 $11,900 $4,675 $2,550 $850
Doubles $62,900 $29,750 $11,900 $5,312.5 $2,762.5 $850
When & Where to watch: live stream & telecast

Badminton enthusiasts can acquire complimentary passes for the forthcoming India Open Badminton 2024, where top players will display their skills. These passes are available at Gate Number 7 of the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex from January 16 to 21, between 10 AM and 4 PM IST. Catch the live broadcast of India Open Badminton 2024 on the Eurosport HD/SD channel in India or stream it live on the JioCinema app.