“I Wouldn’t Sign Him,” UFC President Dana White Talks About Jake Paul And Fighter Pay

“I Wouldn’t Sign Him,” UFC President Dana White Talks About Jake Paul And Fighter Pay

During a recent segment, UFC President Dana White talked about Jake Paul and fighter pay – two of his least favorite topics. 

YouTube star turned pro boxer Jake Paul is one of the biggest critics of UFC President Dana White. Though he’s never stepped inside the cage, he’s one of the loudest voices who support higher pay for UFC fighters. When his name was brought up during a CNBC segment featuring Dana White earlier this week, things got awkward as the UFC President addressed two of his least favorite topics – Jake Paul and fighter pay. Read on to know more.

Dana White Says He Would Never Sign Jake Paul, Addresses Fighter Pay Issues

Jake Paul’s criticism of Dana White and UFC’s fighter pay rates has directed the mainstream media in talking about the issue, to a large extent. And thus, the issue was broached once again this week when Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel and UFC President Dana White appeared on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street.

When asked about fighter-pay complaints, White commented, “Yeah, that’s been going on for 20 years, too, and it’ll be going on for the next 20 years.” He does not think that a fighter will ever talk about being overpaid, but many guys do feel that they’re being paid enough. These include the likes of Conor McGregor who do bring in the revenue.

These claims made by White though, are false because even big fighters like Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal have been vocal on the issue of fighter pay. And oddly enough, instead of mentioning either of them, the host of the CNBC show decided to get to White’s nerves when he mentioned Jake Paul instead. The UFC boss had to correct the interviewer on this, clearing that Paul was in no way linked to the promotion.


“Hey, that bum didn’t fight for me! You gotta get your story straight! I wouldn’t sign him,” White stated.

Jake Paul’s Response to Dana White

In his most recent pay-per-view appearance, Jake Paul knocked out former UFC welterweight Ben Askren. The event reportedly drew over 1 million PPV buys. Paul’s next boxing match is set to happen on 28th August against another former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

White’s remarks on the CNBC segment drew another fiery response from Jake Paul. He took to Twitter on Friday to express his thoughts in a long paragraph, seemingly typed out in his notes app.


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