How to play the bubble aka boba tea game on Google Doodle and online link

How to play the bubble aka boba tea game on Google Doodle and online link

Google has created an interactive doodle and game in honour of the well-known Taiwanese beverage bubble tea that enables users to manage their own businesses and mix drinks for clients

The joys of bubble tea are celebrated in the Google Doodle game.

How to play the bubble aka boba tea game on Google Doodle in 2023 and online link

The newest Google homepage minigame pays tribute to the simple pleasures of making bubble tea and drinking it with friends.


Bubble tea, which first appeared in Taiwan in the 1980s, is a remarkably broad category of beverages. If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one, bubble tea is essentially any type of flavoured and sweetened cold tea. Little pearls of substance, like tapioca or jelly, that can rise through the oversized straw are what give the beverage its “bubble” effect. The reason Google chose January 29 to commemorate bubble tea, is as on that day in 2020 it was revealed that the well-known beverage will have its own emoji.

What is the Google Doodle minigame about?

Google created an interactive doodle game that lets players manage their own bubble tea store and design drinks for their customers in honour of the beverage. All they must do is click on the entertaining doodle and adhere to the directions provided on the screen. The doodle shows a Formosan Mountain Dog native to Taiwan running a bubble tea stand in a wet jungle.

You take on the role of a Formosan Mountain Dog running a bubble tea store in the middle of a wet forest in the new Google Doodle minigame. A simple filling of the cup with each ingredient to reach a line is all that is required to make tea in the game. You can receive up to three stars per customer if you pause while on the line.


In this entirely hand-drawn bubble tea game, players will recognise some familiar faces from previous Google Doodle games. For instance, the well-known “weather frog” mascot Froggy and the two feline protagonists from Magic Cat Academy and Doodle Champion Island Games also make an appearance. You are treated to some lovely, mellow music throughout the trip, enhanced by the sound of rain.

Before the shop closes for the day, you must complete five orders, each of which is harder than the previous two. The nicest part of ordering bubble tea was obviously not forgotten by this Doodle. The consumers line up their straws and, after each drink is finished, poke through the cover in an oddly pleasurable manner.



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