How to get referral code in Beeper Mini to get one month free app usage

How to get referral code in Beeper Mini to get one month free app usage

Android users are using Beeper Mini to send special blue bubble texts that are only exclusive to iPhone users with one month free if you have a referral code

Here’s how it works.

iPhone users have lots of different features, which sometimes make Android users jealous. Due to multiple extravagant features like special blue bubble texts, iPhone users show them off in group chats and make Android users feel a little left out.

How to get referral code in Beeper Mini to get one month free app usage on Android

It’s not an exaggeration but a long-time problem that makes Android users worried. For years, this division has been sustained by the seductive appeal of Apple’s iMessage exclusivity. However, there is cause for optimism since Beeper Mini is just around the corner.

The long-awaited secret to opening the iMessage gates directly from your Android handset is this clever software. Imagine yourself entering such prestigious chats with ease, adding your ideas and emoticons, and receiving the coveted blue bubble as your digital signature of approval.


With the help of Beeper Mini, you may now access the private realm of iMessage and break down the walls that separate various operating systems. It also unlocks possibilities that were previously exclusive to iPhone users, whether they’re for business or personal communication.

Beeper Mini offers an inclusive communication experience using iMessage, so bid adieu to feeling excluded in group discussions. So, let’s find out how to use Beeper Mini to send iMessages with blue bubbles from Android to iPhone:

Beeper Mini explained

In the messaging space, Beeper Mini functions differently, looking for a route into Apple’s iMessage environment without jeopardizing user privacy. Previous attempts, such as Sunbird and Nothing Chats, were removed from the Play Store due to privacy issues; however, it claims to overcome this by establishing direct communication with Apple servers.


Beeper Mini functions autonomously within its app, guaranteeing messages are delivered and received directly without relying on other servers. This sets it apart from its parent software, Beeper Cloud, and other similar platforms seeking iMessage compatibility on Android.

Additionally, the app uses end-to-end encryption, which protects communications from prying eyes like Apple and Beeper. The encryption keys are stored only on the user’s device, alleviating privacy concerns that are sometimes associated with other messaging applications.

Ways to use Beeper Mini to send iMessages with blue bubbles from Android to iPhone

To get a referral code, you need a friend who has been a member of the app for at least 24 hours and when signing up, simply click the option that allows you to enter your friend’s code to get the app free for one month.


Beeper mini referral code
byu/Stevenpark123 inbeeper

  • In order to utilize Beeper Mini with iMessage on Android, you need to follow some steps, which are given below:
  • From the Play Store, download and install Beeper Mini.
  • Launch the software, log in with Google, and enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial that ends at $1.99 a month.
  • Text friends who own iPhones and see how your texts get blue, similar to iMessage. Group conversations, bubble edits, high-quality media, responses, and other iMessage features are all supported by Beeper Mini.

For Apple ID users:

  • In Beeper Mini, tap “Already using iMessage on another device?”
  • Enter your Apple ID to log in. Your iMessages are now securely saved and transmitted straight to Apple’s servers, syncing with both Apple and Android devices.
  • With Beeper Mini, iMessage for Android is easier to use without requiring an Apple ID at first. Your iMessages are easily synced to all of your devices if you have an Apple ID, with local storage and direct transfer to Apple servers.

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