Has Dillon Danis been arrested and will he go to jail after Nina Agdal files lawsuit over Twitter photos

Has Dillon Danis been arrested and will he go to jail after Nina Agdal files lawsuit over Twitter photos

Nina Agdal, who is currently engaged to Logan Paul, has decided to file a lawsuit against Dillon Danis, and requested a restraining order ahead of his fight against Paul, know if Danis has been arrested and if he’ll face jail time

Her actions against Danis come after enduring weeks of online harassment on social media from the MMA veteran.

Has Dillon Danis been arrested and will he go to jail after Nina Agdal files lawsuit over Twitter photos and video


Over the past few weeks, Danis has repeatedly posted photos and videos of Nina Agdal, and while promoting his upcoming boxing match against Paul on October 14.

Dillon Danis responds

Following the lawsuit against him, Dillon Danis responded through a tweet saying:

Nina Adgal has filed a massive lawsuit against me. She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild but I won’t stop, f*** the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking. I will provide more details when I can, but because it’s a federal case, I can’t at this time.”


Danis even responded by publishing more posts on social media that target the 31-year-old model. He stated in one of his posts stating that he will now refer to Nina Agdal as Karen Agdal.

Nina Agdal files a lawsuit against MMA fighter Dillon Danis

According to official court documents, Agdal has accused Danis of posting “despicable” content about her over 250 times ever since the announcement of his upcoming bout with her fiancée Logan Paul. Agdal further alleges that the repeated posts which Danis posted have caused her “humiliation, emotional distress, and reputations harm.”


Agdal has also stated that Dillon removed the image only after Misfits Boxing, threatened to cancel the upcoming fight. Misfits Boxing is the promotion hosting the upcoming Paul vs Danis fight. The Danish model has stated in her lawsuit seeking unspecified damages and a minimum of $150,000 for each violation of federal law.

Nina Agdal reported that at least one of Danis’ posts contained an explicit image of her taken from a “romantic encounter” that occurred a decade ago. She claimed that this act violated federal and state laws. According to federal law, citizens are prohibited from sharing intimate images of others. Moreover, Agdal is also reportedly urging a judge to issue a restraining order and prohibit Danis from posting any kind of explicit photos of her in the future.

As per TMZ Sports, the legal restrictions have finally been imposed on Dillon Danis going forward and on September 7, 2023, a viral image emerged, capturing Dillon Danis in a rather unexpected situation – in the custody of law enforcement, seemingly with a smile on his face.


Despite recent rumours suggesting Danis had been arrested, it appears that these reports are unfounded.

If the legal situation ends up affecting the fight scheduled against Paul in October there are certain measure in place. In case any of the fighters do not make the fight, Mike Perry is designated as the backup fighter.

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