GTA 6 Voice Actor Leaked Her Character Name And Internal Codename In New Leaks

GTA 6 Voice Actor Leaked Her Character Name And Internal Codename In New Leaks

A voice actor has apparently leaked her character name and also the internal codename for GTA 6 in fresh leaks of the game

At the moment, any details about GTA 6 are only speculation as the game is still under development.

Rockstar Games, the producer of the famous GTA game, has so far only confirmed that the game is under development.

GTA 6 Voice Actor Leaked Her Character Name And Internal Codename In Fresh New Leaks

Besides that, all other speculation about the game and its features is all self-obtained by fans. Fans of the iconic game have had to rely on leaks and apparent insiders in order to figure out what to expect from it.

Learn how voice actress leaks GTA 6 character and internal name


While the latest leak about GTA 6 has certainly got fans getting excited, it is not the first.

What we already know

Fans have already uncovered several aspects of the game previously. GTA 6 supposedly involves a return to Vice City with two main characters – a brother and sister pairing. The duo may or may not be involved with a cartel.

Moreover, some other details have also snuck out from people who are said to have worked on the game. One such find was of an actor who apparently worked on a character known as “The Mexican.”

How the latest GTA 6 leak happened

Members of the GTA Forums site were the ones who made the latest discovery about GTA 6. The find was made on July 15 after they uncovered the resume of a particular voice actress, Natonia Monet.

The actress’s resume has been updated since the find. However, what stood out was a reference made to a video game going by the name “Fireball” and a character named “Tamara.”


So how does this tie up with Grand Theft Auto? Evidently, the agency that got the actress for the gig has strong links to Rockstar Games.

Moreover, the entry was removed from her resume after fans made the connection to GTA 6. Fans assume that Fireball is likely the internal codename for the highly-anticipated title.

Some fans remain skeptical

Many fans still remain skeptical about the new find. Some fans are not convinced about it as anything related to GTA 6 can’t be fully proven until its release.

Although there actually does appear to be something about this latest leak, given the fact that it was taken off the actress’s resume.

Some insiders have claimed that the game will finally be revealed before the end of the year. So maybe it won’t be long before we get the answers.


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