GTA 6 Next Gen Only Features New Update, Leaks, Release Date, Platforms

GTA 6 Next Gen Only Features New Update, Leaks, Release Date, Platforms

There isn’t any official updates regarding the release date or gameplay of much-anticipated GTA 6, however, fans are claiming to have received some sneak peak to the game, know about more details, new update and leaks

GTA 6 fans have discovered something new, which gives them hope for some fascinating next-gen updates for the PS5, Xbox One X, and PC versions of the game.

GTA 6 Next Gen Only Features New Update, Leaks, Release Date And Platforms

Hype of GTA 6, Update from Makers, and Latest News

Grand Theft Auto fans have been keeping a tight check on the latest Rockstar Games news, with the most recent discoveries being shared on Reddit.

While we still don’t have a release date or any indication of how far along the development team is, GTA 6 enthusiasts continue to unearth interesting morsels of information. And the most recent hints at potentially significant next-gen improvements in the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

GTA 6 Playing Platform and Leaked News about Features

GTA 6 appears to be a foregone conclusion that it will be a next-gen title that can only be played on the PS5, Xbox One X, and, ultimately, PC and streaming platforms. Even with that fundamental information, though, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. While that is true for what fans have discovered this week, it is still worth checking for those who want to stay up to date.


Fans browsing LinkedIn profiles found some intriguing new information on a new Rockstar Games employee profile. It was written as “Responsible for cinematics cinematography and narrative design flow for immersive, seamless transitions from cinematics to in-game,” as well as “cinematic transitions for cutscenes and interactive scenarios.”

These discoveries have given fans hope that GTA 6 would continue to strive for better transitions between cutscenes and gameplay, with the added benefit of higher graphics fidelity.


GTA 6 Latest Rumors about Release Date, Gameplay, and Expectations

Although Rockstar Games has confirmed that a new Grand Theft Auto game is in production, little else about the game has been revealed. A massive sandbox experience is promised, but no details on where the game will be situated or what players may expect from the story have been released.

According to the latest rumors, GTA 6 will be released in 2025. The game is set in a modern-day version of Vice City, which will expand and change over time, according to the hint.


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