GTA 6 Fresh Leaks Reveal List Of 10 Easter Eggs And New Easter Egg

GTA 6 Fresh Leaks Reveal List Of 10 Easter Eggs And New Easter Egg

Although GTA 6 hasn’t even been released yet, some fans have already found a few Easter Eggs that are going to be in the game, including the return of Bigfoot and UFOs, among other things.

Since the GTA 6 leaks first appeared online a few weeks ago, it has become official that the game, which will transport players back to Vice City, has been in production for a while.

The protagonists are a male and female team, and you can steal from NPCs exactly like in Red Dead Redemption 2, according to the 90 leaked videos.

GTA 6 Fresh Leaks Reveal Full List Of 10 Easter Eggs And New Easter Egg

However, some players are more interested in the Easter eggs and any hidden information in GTA 6. And from what I can tell, a few have already been found.

Easter eggs in GTA 6 have reportedly already been found.

Strange man, a Grand Theft Auto YouTuber, put together a video showing 10 ostensibly proven Easter Eggs that exist in GTA 6, some of which are recognisable from GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption.


The Bigfoot, the sand-carved Sphinx, and the UFOs are the three that are most well-known. All of these can be attributed to GTA 5, where NPCs constructed a Shark on the beach and UFOs were seen flying over Mount Chiliad and nearby regions.

Bigfoot won’t be called Bigfoot, though, according to StrangeMan. Instead, it goes by the name “Skunk Ape” and may be found in the Swamplands region of the GTA 6 map. We do, however, believe GTA fans will just stick with the more well-known brand.

The YouTuber pointed out that Pennywise the Clown from the horror film IT is also mentioned in the video, and his voice is set to emanate through drains.

GTA always have great hidden easter eggs and we should have this KING for GTA VI from GTA6


I really hope GTA 6 has in depth Easter eggs like GTA SA from GTA6

These are only a few of the Easter Eggs that are planned to appear in GTA 6, but Rockstar will undoubtedly include hundreds, if not thousands, in the eagerly awaited title. We are eager to find them.

Grand Theft Auto 6 appears to carry on this tradition, with recent leaks suggesting that players will encounter Bigfoot, UFOs, sex robots, spirits, and even a Pennywise allusion. Despite the sad circumstances surrounding this new information for Grand Theft Auto 6’s creators and supporters.

It’s entertaining to watch loyal players find obscure nuggets and shoutouts tucked away in Rockstar’s upcoming open-world criminal blockbuster.


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