Genshin Impact Dori Ascension Materials, Abilities, Kit, Gender, Japanese And English Voice Actor

Genshin Impact Dori Ascension Materials, Abilities, Kit, Gender, Japanese And English Voice Actor

The brand-new character demo for Dori was made available on Genshin Impact official YouTube channel on September 2, know her materials, kit and gender

The humorous demo features Dori’s playing style with custom visual effects.

It was established through the prior Special Program that Dori is a 4-star Electro Claymore. She is more of a supporting figure who uses her Electro vision to heal comrades and restore energy to allies.

Genshin Impact Dori Ascension Materials, Abilities, Kit, Gender And Japanese And English Voice Actor

Genshin Impact’s talent materials and Dori’s ascent

Dori was created to be a supporting character who can both heal teammates & assist them in regaining energy, according to Genshin Impact. While Elemental Burst will continually restore life and regenerate elemental particles for active characters, her Elemental Skill can regenerate her energy.

Players must raise Dori’s ascension and talent levels to make sure she performs her duties well. Fortunately, a week before to her arrival, her materials were formally disclosed, enabling gamers to get them right away.


Her Ascension Materials consist of:

  1. Vajrada Amethyst Sliver/Fragment/Chunk/Gemstone
  2. Thunderclap Fruitcore
  3. Kalpalata Lotus
  4. Faded Red Satin/Silk/Brocade

Meanwhile, here are her Talent Materials:

  1. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Ingenuity
  2. Bloodjade Branch
  3. Crown of Insight

All the items mentioned above are already unlocked in Genshin Impact, and players can start farming for them.


In the official tweet seen above, two of Dori’s voice actors were revealed. Anjali Kunapaneni is Dori’s English voice actress, and Tomoko Kaneda is Dori’s Japanese voice actress.

The Japanese voice actress in particular has been working in the voice industry for further than eight years. Players of Genshin Impact can hear Dori’s voice and speech pattern in the upcoming Archon Quest in Sumeru, wherein Travelers must engage with Dori to advance the plot.

In Genshin Impact, Dori’s primary weapon is a claymore. Her Elemental Skill, however, made no use of the aforementioned weapon. Instead, Dori will command her supernatural Spirit-Warning Lamp to launch Electro-damaging Troubleshooter Shots upon foes.


Dori is a supporting character who can heal and revive her comrades. She resembles Kuki Shinobu, the first Electro healer inside the game, in terms of style. However, until Dori is properly introduced into the game, gamers can’t find out how useful she is.

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