Gautam Gambhir KKR IPL 2024 mentor role salary and fees details

Gautam Gambhir KKR IPL 2024 mentor role salary and fees details

Have a look at the salary of Gautam Gambhir as KKR mentor in IPL 2024

Following their historic third IPL title win, Gautam Gambhir, the mentor of KKR, is receiving widespread praise on social media for his decision to acquire Mitchell Starc.

Let’s recall the moment when Gautam Gambhir, the mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders, made headlines by securing the services of the Australian left-arm speedster Mitchell Starc for a staggering sum of Rs 24.75 crore during last year’s December auction.

Gautam Gambhir KKR IPL 2024 mentor role salary and fees 

Fans and pundits alike were left astounded by this move. However, the season began with a shaky start for Starc, as he struggled in almost every league game, leading to trolling and memes directed at Gambhir, KKR, and Starc himself.

But as Starc delivered a memorable performance in the final match, earning praise for his contribution, Gambhir’s faith in him was also celebrated by everyone.

While you celebrate the victory of KKR and Gambhir’s faith, let’s have a quick look at the former cricketer’s wealth. While his salary as KKR mentor isn’t known yet, reports online claim it to be Rs.25 crore. However, the figure is yet to be officially confirmed.

Gautam Gambhir’s Wealth

Gautam Gambhir, an illustrious figure in Indian cricket, enjoyed a decade-long international career, playing a pivotal role in India’s triumphs at the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 World Cup.

Hailing from Delhi, he formed a formidable opening partnership with Virender Sehwag, establishing himself as one of the premier openers in the cricketing world.

Transitioning from the cricket pitch to politics, Gambhir now serves as a Member of Parliament from East Delhi, with an estimated wealth of approximately 205 crores ($25 million).


Net Worth

His financial success extends beyond politics, he stands as one of the wealthiest cricketers globally, boasting a net worth of ₹205 crores ($25 million) as of 2024.

Beyond his cricketing prowess, Gambhir’s astute investments and entrepreneurial ventures have significantly contributed to his wealth.

Over the years, his net worth has seen a commendable 19% increase, paralleling his diverse income streams.


Despite retiring from professional cricket, Gambhir continues to rake in substantial earnings.


His annual salary as a Member of Parliament amounts to INR 36 lakh, supplemented by lucrative commentary deals with Star Sports and participation in various cricket events for retired players.

IPL Career Earnings

Gambhir’s association with the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a significant chapter in his career.

Starting with the Delhi Daredevils and later captaining the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), he earned substantial sums, culminating in nearly ₹95 crores from the IPL alone.

Currently, Gambhir serves as the brand ambassador for Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles (PSV) and CricPlay, a fantasy gaming platform.



In terms of property, Gambhir’s assets include residences in Delhi and the National Capital Region, alongside plots in Greater Noida and Malkapur Village.

Additionally, he indulges in his passion for motor racing, owning a modest yet tasteful collection of cars and a KTM bike.

Throughout his journey from cricketing glory to political prominence, Gautam Gambhir exemplifies versatility and success across multiple domains.

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