FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 winner and runner-up prize money and all teams earnings

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 winner and runner-up prize money and all teams earnings

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 gets underway, find out what are the total earnings that each player can receive at the upcoming tournament along with the prize money

This year, FIFA has promised to pay the majority of its $165 million prize pool money will go directly to the 732 players.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 winner and runner-up prize money and all teams earnings details

Every player competing at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will earn at least $45,000 (all figures in AUD). This is more than double the average salary of what female players earned last year.

FIFA promises huge prize money share directly to players

Ahead of the start of the tournament, the players’ union FIFPro challenged FIFA to secure a “global guarantee” that players will receive 30 per cent of the prize money. However, FIFA have gone beyond that and each player in the 32 teams will receive more than half of FIFA’s total prize money fund of $165m.

This year’s prize money is three times more than the $45m paid out in 2019. Moreover, the 23 players from the title-winning team will each receive around $405,000. The Athletic reported that FIFA will fulfil a March promise to financially reward the 732 players taking part in the July 20-August 20 tournament in Australia and New Zealand.


FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Prize pool breakdown

Earlier this year in March, FIFPro sent a letter to FIFA that was signed by 150 international players. The letter called for equal prize money, conditions and resources, and the development of a global collective bargaining agreement.

Out of the total $228m fund for the upcoming tournament, around $165m will be spent on players alone. Meanwhile, the other $16.8m will be spent on the club benefits programme. The rest of the $45.8m will be spent as preparation money. Although the women’s World Cup prize pool falls short of the $656m offered in the men’s Qatar 2022, FIFA is looking to cut down that margin by 2027.


This year, the 16 nations that exit in the group stage will each receive $3.38m from FIFA. This means that the players will receive $1.03m while the federation will receive $2.3m. For so many players, this package alone will far exceed players’ salaries at their clubs. FIFA’s current 2022 benchmark report states the average salary for paid players as $21,000.

The title-winning team at Stadium Australia this year will receive $15.7m from FIFA. Out of that amount, the players will receive the majority $9.3m. Meanwhile, the remaining $6.4m million will go towards the federation.

According to The Athletic:


FIFPro, the players’ union, has praised the move as the “outcome of tremendous global collective action by over 150 national team players”

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 earnings for each player

Given below is a list of what each player from the 23-player squad of each 32 participating nations will earn if they exit at the:

Stage Prize earnings
Group stage $45,000
Round of 16 $90,000
Quarter-final $135,000
Fourth place $247,000
Third place $270,00
Second place $292,000
Winners $405,000

All of the above amounts are given in AUD.

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