F1 Australian Grand Prix (GP) Jack Brabham trophy design, history, name and history

F1 Australian Grand Prix (GP) Jack Brabham trophy design, history, name and history

Have a look at Australian Grand Prix (GP) Trophy including its design, history, name and more 

The Australian Grand Prix, which takes place from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24, marks the return of Formula One following two races in the Middle East in a span of two weeks.

The event is held at the Albert Park Circuit once more, as it has been since 1996. Since 2019, it has had a different champion each year (2020 and 2021 were not held).

F1 Australian Grand Prix (GP) trophy design, history, name and history explained

Since the race’s 1996 relocation to the Albert Park circuit, the Australian Grand Prix victor has received the same trophy design every year, in contrast to the majority of other Formula 1 events.

In other locations, trophy designs have changed frequently because title sponsors wanted to add their corporate branding to the esteemed honours. However, the Australian Grand Prix has stuck to its heritage, including a trophy designed in honour of the late Australian Formula 1 driver Sir Jack Brabham, a three time World Champion.

What is the name of the Australian Grand Prix trophy?

It is called the Jack Brabham trophy. To further enrich the trophy’s history, the Australian GP organisers renamed it in Sir Jack Brabham’s honour starting with the 2015 edition, following his tragic death in 2014.

Australian Grand Prix trophy design

The Australian racing legend Jack Brabham’s 1959 Cooper-Climax T51, which he drove to his maiden championship title, had the same steering design as the shield. The Australian GP shield has the Brabham steering wheel’s design, which consists of three spokes connected to the centre on the inside and a brown wooden rim on the outside.


But only the victor of the race is eligible to receive the specially made dish trophy. A silver shield with a similar form but without the race car steering wheel motif is given to the other podium finishers.


Even with the carbon fibre construction, the weight of the renowned medal is merely 8 kg.

Australian Grand Prix trophy manufacturer

Flynn Silver, a Victoria-based business located within one hour from Melbourne, the site of the Grand Prix, is in charge of producing the trophy. The original trophy designer, Dan Flynn, drew some inspiration from the Venus Rosewater Dish trophy, which is given to the female winner of the Wimbledon tennis competition.


How much time does it take to make Australian Grand Prix trophy?

Around 120 hours is invested in making of the Australian Grand Prix trophy each year.

Who presents the Australian Grand Prix trophy?

Every year, a group of dignitaries gives the prizes to the podium finishers. Executives from title sponsors, Grand Prix promoters, local government officials, and employees of the national motorsport organisation are typically included in this.


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