Explained Why Am I Locked Out Of My TikTok Account For No Reason Error And How To Unlock Fix

Explained Why Am I Locked Out Of My TikTok Account For No Reason Error And How To Unlock Fix

Most famous social media platform, TikTok, is now facing an issue as their users complain about being locked out of their account without any warning and how to unlock

Many users are struggling to access their profiles but nobody knows the reason behind the issue. However, it doesn’t seem like it is doing any good.

So far, at the time of writing, the social media platform, TikTok hasn’t addressed the issue. But users are now seriously worried that this could be the result of either their account being hacked or banned.

Why Am I Locked Out Of My TikTok Account For No Reason Error And How To Unlock Fix

Many users, who were unable to unlock their accounts, have taken the issue to Twitter to bring attention to TikTok makers.

People are getting more and more frustrated as they are locked out of their accounts automatically, and they can’t seem to do anything at their end. The platform makers didn’t seem to be addressing the issue any soon.

Some people are pointing out that the platform has asked for their birthdays when they tried to attempt to log-in into their accounts as they were asked at the time of sign-up.


Meanwhile, they are also wondering whether they have accidentally done something to violate the guidelines of TikTok, which may have caused their accounts to be locked or banned.

However, they haven’t found any one possible answer which can satisfy their urge of finding out the reason for getting locked out. Well this scenario generally happens when someone forgets their login credentials.

In the worst possible case, certain accounts can be suspended or banned if they have violated or breached any guidelines such as posting inappropriate content, usage of handles that go against the community’ rules, or even spamming also often leads to accounts being banned.

In some cases, accounts can be banned too if some services or terms aren’t strictly followed like using IP addresses or bots to increase their views.

So far, the social Media platform, TikTok hasn’t given any comments about the issue. Meanwhile, users are trying to troubleshoot the steps at their end to fix the problems but it isn’t helping much.


But let’s try and find out if it can help you, to troubleshoot, firstly you have to check if you have a proper internet connection. After that go to the TikTok app, clear the cache on the app. Try updating the app to the latest version.

If it isn’t helping, try to contact the TikTok support team directly.

How are TikTok Users Reacting?

TikTok user’s are really getting irritated because they can’t access their own account. So they took the issue to Twitter.

One worried user wrote, “Ok now, my TikTok account is locked, wtf do I do?! It won’t even let me log in. I hope I’m not hacked again”.


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