Explained What Is The TikTok Tree Challenge New Viral Trend And How To Do It

Explained What Is The TikTok Tree Challenge New Viral Trend And How To Do It

If you’re also using TikTok, you must have seen that few people are trying to talk to plants, so what does this exactly mean, are those people going crazy, know about the viral tree challenge

Or is it another bizarre trend of social media platforms. So, let’s discuss this.

TikTok is always coming up with some crazy and unique trends which always leave people’ hooked on them. It’s not a new thing, but the latest trend happens to be The Tree trend.

For those who love plants, it might not be a new thing, but for a few people, it is something unique which is why everyone is joining this trend.

What Is The TikTok Tree Challenge New Viral Trend And How To Do It

The Tree Trend is a new buzz of social media app, which is making people rush towards plants and try to talk to them.

It’s quite very simple, people are just going to the plants and are asking them to show the signals if they are capable of hearing whatever they are saying.


Those who are going crazy for the trend, have noticed that the branch of the trees often tends to move towards them.

In some more wild cases, people are asking the plants to touch them or tap their shoulders if they can hear them. One of them is Lizzo, who’s pretty convinced after being part of the trend that plants really can communicate.

According to the research done by scientists of Singapore, the communication between humans and plants is possible by tracing electric signals that were diffused by the plants.

However, the scientists of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, conducted an experiment. They have made a small conductive material that allowed them to enter and leave the electrical signals in plants.


During their experiment, they found out that just like the human brain, plants also release electric signals to respond to their environment. According to them, this process helps the plants to release the signs of distress.

They also discovered that these signals can be “controlled to broaden the plants’ abilities and functions”.

Other Trends?

Lately, TikTok users are going insane over quizzes. The more recent one which has created buzz on the platform was ‘What Human Feelings Are You’. For this quiz, people have to answer the 11 questions to understand their personality. And at the end of the test, they will get the result which they can share on the social media app.


There’s also another quiz which was circulating around the internet, the Mental Age quiz.

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