Explained F1 Rules And Regulations 2021: What Is The Parc Ferme It’s Punishment, Breach And Incident

Explained F1 Rules And Regulations 2021: What Is The Parc Ferme It’s Punishment, Breach And Incident

Get up to speed with the rules and regulations of F1 2021 and know everything about the Parc Ferme, its breach, punishment and incident

You must have heard the term “Parc Ferme” in Formula 1 but not everybody understands what it means. FIA Formula 1 Regulations state that all the cars must be put in isolation so that nobody could tamper with the car.

What Are The F1 Parc Ferme 2021 Rules Explained

After qualifying and before the Grand Prix nobody is allowed to touch the cars which are placed under a specific area. During that time, only the FIA authorities can enter that area for checks and inspection of the vehicle. However, only minor upgrades like refueling, bleeding of brakes, tyre changes, and minor front wing adjustments are allowed.

This is what “Parc Ferme” means and if any drivers or teams violate this rule, they must start from the pita lane in the Grand Prix. Subsequently, we will take an example of the current controversy in Formula 1 Sao Paulo Grand Prix for a better understanding.


Rules And Regulations OF Formula 1 And What Does The “Parc Ferme” Mean And The Punishment For Its Breach

After the conclusion of the Friday qualifying session where Lewis Hamilton hammered the opposition and grabbed pole position for the Saturday Sprint, Max Verstappen began to inspect the rear wing of the Mercedes which was far more wide open than the rest of the cars.

However, in order to check the Mercedes rear wing, the Dutchman violated the “Parc Ferme” laws which clearly state that nobody is allowed to touch the vehicles in “Parc Ferme” conditions. Subsequently, Verstappen was handed over a heavy fine of $50,000 which upset the Dutchman before the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.


F1 2021 Parc Ferme Incident

Meanwhile, the stewards also investigated the incident and found out that Lewis Hamilton was guilty in the case. His rear wing flap was exceeding the limit of 85 millimetres and disqualified the Briton from his pole position in the sprint. In addition, the stewards handed over a 25 place grid penalty to Lewis Hamilton after the qualifying.

On the other hand, FIA slashed a $50,000 fine for breaching the “Parc Ferme” and a warning for not repeating this incident in the future. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton finished the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in number 1 position despite all the setbacks. It will be interesting to see what happens in Qatar after a scintillating battle at the Interlagos.


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